No-Poo Your Heart Out With This Easy DIY Cleansing Conditioner Recipe

You can even customize it to be like your favorite brand's formulation!
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July 28, 2015
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I find that sometimes, when I try a new cult or fad beauty item, I am not always 100% on-board. I tried no-poo with ACV and baking soda two years ago—epic fail. I tried cream cleansers, too, and although I didn’t hate them, I still found it extremely necessary to shampoo at least once per week.

This is basically where I’m at now with cream cleansers: I love them because they allow me to reform my curls and keep them soft, defined and bouncy, but I cannot use them at the root (most of them) without getting greasy after a day, and after a week, I need to shampoo, or things go south really quickly.

So, for me, this is all about a balance, and one of the products that strikes that balance for me is Condish by A Beautiful Life.

This cream cleanser has Castile soap in it (where I got the Aha! moment), is silicone free, and helps to actually clean hair and not just re-wet and condition it like some do. I don’t want to kill volume, but I also want moisture, and I found that this formula hooked it up.

So when it occurred to me to try a DIY, it was so easy to put this formula together based on Condish and what I like about it.

A cream cleanser or conditioning cleanser can be thick and creamy or slightly runny and lotion-like, and you can tweak this formula to your liking. Castile soap a la Dr. Bronner's helps to actually remove the dirt from your hair and scalp while silicone-free conditioner moisturizes and pulls away excess oils. I went with Nature’s Gate Daily Cleanse Herbal Conditioner, which I lurveee. It makes hair soft and smells like fabulous lavender and herb pomander.

Pairing these two allows you to get the one-two punch of cleansing and moisturizing in a single product that you can likely improvise from your own stash at home. I got most of my supplies from the Vitamin Shoppe where you can get consistent prices across the country.



  • bartender's jigger
  • squeeze bottle
  • salad mixer (or jar)


I’m using a 3oz bottle, so my formula is based on this in a 25% additives/75% conditioner formula. Feel free to drop down the soap and up the rosewater if you want a gentler formula, and increase the conditioner if you want it creamier.

So. Flipping. Easy.

To use this stuff, simply wet hair and work in from root to tip, massaging extra in the scalp and rinsing thoroughly. I got super-soft hair that was easy to manage afterward, and my curls were falling nicely to boot. Some with thicker, drier, or hard-to-manage hair will most definitely need a bonus conditioner on their ends.

Now that I have this cheap and easy-to-eyeball recipe on hand, I can have all the formulation fun. I plan on doing a pepperminty version like OG bb Purely Perfect and an herbal version reminiscent of Sisley's squeaky-cleaner. It's best to generally use silicone-free formulas, since you won't be cleansing deeply enough to remove all of them and you could cause extra buildup, especially at the root.

I can't wait to hear your formulation ideas! Share what you would do to make this cleansing conditioner!

Photos: Maria Penaloza