Raid Your Christmas Tree To Make A Forest Fairy Princess Headband

The perfect intersection of woodsy and festive, this DIY headband requires only a few supplies.
Publish date:
December 20, 2013
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For today's edition of "Alyssa Making Fancy-ish Hair Accessories With The Cheapest Supplies She Can Find," we're going to make a super-festive headpiece almost entirely for free. All you have to do is take some clippings from your Christmas tree!

I saw this gorgeous photo while combing through Pinterest the other day and knew I had to try to replicate it before the holiday season was out. The perfect intersection of woodsy and festive, this headband requires only a few supplies, all of which will cost under $10 as long as you already own a glue gun.

You’ll need:

• An evergreen tree branch. This can be clipped from your family tree, carefully and thoughtfully harvested from the forest (don’t hack up a baby tree or anything), or bought by the bough from a garden store or anywhere else that sells trees.

• Bendy wire.

• Decor such as berries, glitter, tiny birds--whatever suits your fancy. I went with a piece of dollar-store holly that I could cut up

• A glue gun.

• Scissors.

Step 1.

Measure a circle around your head with the wire so the headband will sit where you’d like it to, then cut the wire and weave it together into a circle.

Step 2.

Start twisting small bits of branch around the wire. Choose longer pieces of branch with lots of needles on them for maximum weaving odds.

Step 3.

Using your hot glue gun, glue down any unruly needles to give the headband a more solid look. Cut off any large pieces that are sticking out too much.

Step 4.

Decorate! This is by far the most fun part.

Like I mentioned earlier, I just got a sparkly sprig of dollar store plastic holly and chopped it up, but real holly and berries would be super beautiful, as would anything else you’d like to stick in here. Tiny ornaments? Go for it!

That’s it! You’re totally ready to go rockin' around the Christmas tree in the new old fashioned way, whatever that means.