I Turned a Pill Case into a Custom Makeup Palette, And It Saves Me So Much Space in My Bag

Because lugging a bunch of products around is a pain in the butt.
Publish date:
July 28, 2016
travel, DIY, muji, custom palettes

The last few months have been all about completely streamlining my life. Moving to London means I pared down my wardrobe, my skincare, and my makeup to the bare minimum, and that attitude is following me everywhere in my life.

Usually, I lug around a pretty big handbag with a smaller bag inside just for makeup, because I figure you never know when a situation may arise when you need a full-face touch-up. Really, though, carrying that stuff around is a huge pain! I mean, shoulder strain aside, this product hoarding almost always leads to me having a purse full of about seven different lipsticks that I never even use. Not the most streamlined way to live, now is it?

So on a recent trip to MUJI when I was shopping for packing supplies (their garment bags are the best, FYI) I picked up a small plastic travel case that was intended to hold "hairpins, vitamins or other small items." Basically a pill case without days of the week on top. It had small, moveable dividers inside so that you could make the sections as big or small as you'd like.

And a little lightbulb went off in my head.

Sure, I'd seen people (usually makeup artists) use pill cases in the past to de-pot concealers and lipsticks for easy access. But I figured, why not create a full-face palette that combined nearly everything I needed to make up my face in a snap?

I got home and collected the products I would need — essentially, backup versions of everyday shades — and concluded that the following would be enough: a double-duty rosy lipstick that could be used on lips and as blush, a creamy highlighter to use all over, a concealer, and a multi-use matte bronzer for cheeks and eyes.

I ended up going with:

My tool of choice to get everything into the case was the humble butter knife — easy for slicing and works almost as well as a palette knife to smooth product into its respective unit of the case. Also: I chose cream formulas because my skin is so dry, and I prefer makeup I can apply with my fingers anyway.

In terms of application, I've got my little retractable brush (MUJI carries a similar one here) for precise lipstick application, but my (clean) fingers work for everything else.

In terms of the easy, everyday look I can create with the products, I like the mix the bronzer shade with the highlighter for a soft, all-over eyeshadow that adds a bit of definition to my lids.

I also applied the bronzer along my cheekbones and the tip of my nose. Then I added the lipstick to my lips and the apples of my cheeks, the highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, and the concealer to the redness around my nostrils.

All in all, the palette only took a few minutes to put together, and the same goes for the makeup look. Easy-peasy, just like I like it!

  • How do your streamline the products you carry in your purse?
  • What's your favourite thing to grab from MUJI?