4 Colorful Eyebrow Looks For Weird Babes Like Us

Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your face.

Sure, it smarts for a second when someone calls you ugly, but with age, I have learned to shrug it off much, much faster. Cat calls aren't always about looking good or being sexy; some are downright mean and meant to put you down. So when some sorry douchecanoe said I was "HOLY SHIT UGLY," instead of pepper-spraying him right in the faux Oakleys and repeatedly kicking him in the soft parts with my heels, I was grateful to the universe that someone so horrible isn't attracted to me.

Wouldn't you know it? I was rocking green eyebrows that day.

Since I know there are so many of our little posse who also like to dabble in the funkier looks, I put together this li'l tutorial and roundup for us those of who aren’t afraid to get weird and don't care what the peanut gallery has to squawk about it.

Contrary to what most would assume, even dark eyebrows can do this look without the help of bleach. I repeat: bleaching brows not necessary. I initially had my brows bleached for a special shoot but quickly discovered that this just helps with lighter colors, which aren't often found in mascaras. Bleached brows are actually harder to work on because you have less depth to look like actual eyebrows.

To get this look you need the following:

  • Zinc oxide powder (you can also use setting powder, powder foundation, or lash primer here)
  • A small eyeshadow brush
  • Colored mascara
  • Eyeliner or brow brush
  • Optional spoolie brush


Lightly dust your eyebrows with setting powder or apply a coat of lash primer. Use this step to groom brows into place; it makes the pigment adhere better.

Using a clean eyeliner brush, pick up some color from the mascara of choice.

Outline your brows like you would with any gel or liquid brow product, tracing underneath and on the tail with a steady hand. You can also lightly blend to fill in the spaces in between hairs within your outline, this helps the color appear brighter than just coating the hair.

Take either a clean spoolie brush or the brush that came with the mascara and paint it onto brow hairs, I like to use the extra product on the tip to coat every hair, then use the spool part to even it out and groom brows into place, because they WILL be stuck.

Here are a few other colors that I tried:

I hate this brush, but I really like the formula. It's tricky to apply without getting clumped hair (on lashes or brows) but when you use your own brush, its absolutely perfect. Wonderful for a drugstore mascara (but hard to find the colorful versions in the US).

I love how cheap this is ($7), but without primer or zinc to boost opacity, this mascara looks almost black or navy blue. With help, you get a deep royal purple with just a hint of metallic gleam, and no shimmer. It's actually pretty subtle, and softens face a lot if you have dark features.

This one comes with a black mascara on the other side, is priced decently ($10.95), and has a kiss of shimmer, which I must admit works really well with brows, because it highlights the brow bone even more, which always makes eyes look more alive.

This mascara is fab and loaded with skin care actives. It's like a luxury lash-growth serum with the added benefit of being a fun colored and high-performance mascara. I don't think I've ever disliked a ByTerry product, and it's because a real working makeup artist puts tons of brain power into developing everything.

So the lesson of today: be yourself even in front of malicious bullies. I know I don't always deal with these type of attacks with grace over mace, but I am working on it every day. Sexual harassment is a regular part of my urban day, but attacks on your appearance can be just as upsetting, and sometimes just as dangerous. I live in freaking Manhattan, so seeing kooky people and having a laugh is a part of life, but I would rather jump in front of a taxi than verbalize insults and unwanted criticisms to others, because that is true ugliness.

Do you, babies, and that means colored eyebrows, armpit hair, big hats, little hats, piles of jewelry, butt cheeks a-peeking—just don't limit yourself. It's freeing but with every freedom comes vulnerability. Being out in the open anywhere with a funky look can cause you some gripe, but you don't have to listen to haters. That never got anyone their best life.

  • What's your fav funky makeup technique?
  • Tell me about a time someone was an a-hole and you were a sassy shut-it-down diva face!

Photos: Darnell Scott