Silver: The Ultimate Ice Queen Colour

Glamorous, robotic, majestic. What's not to love about the latest colour of the week?
Publish date:
December 13, 2013
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Silver is so glam to me, Maybe because I envision Tilda Swinton's White Witch, looking majestic in the snow, surrounded by an icy silver aura. Oh Jadis--so cold, so calculated, and oh so otherworldly flawless.

Silver eyeshadow is probably the safest way to wear silver. You can go all out, like they did at Chanel or subtle and sweet, like Taylor Swift. I'm a fan of that inner corner sparkle.

Silver can also be very editorial. These cheekbones are telling the world you are a beautiful alien robot sent to earth to destroy the lives of men. Granted, it's not that practical for office use.

I'm also digging the silver eyelashes and brows, which could work for New Year's Eve.

For die-hard silver fans, I love the look of silver hair. Isn't Yasmina stunning? Our own Alyssa sometimes sports the silver/grey/lilac look, which is just as pretty.

As for product, my favourite is Lush's Emotional Brilliance Eyeliner in Success, which can double as an eyeshadow and highlighter. I've also tried coating it on the tips of my lashes.

Are you into silver? What's your go-to silver product? Everyone wants to know.