7 Coachella Beauty Tips Other Websites Aren’t Going To Tell You

The desert has no mercy and will mock your usual beauty routine. Here's how to change it up if you're going to Coachella this and/or next weekend.

It’s time to change up some of my usual products to ones for desert living, because COACHELLA IS THIS WEEKEND! And also NEXT WEEKEND!

Yes, I’ll be gathering up a group of some of my most favorite friends, spending tons of loot on tickets, lodging and “BoHo Chic” clothes, and heading out to Indio, California, where it’s dry as hell.

Coachella is held in a desert. It’s hot during the day and freezing at night, and while it’s not covered with sand dunes and camels, it’s still VERY dry. It makes Los Angeles look like Miami.

In order to save my skin and hair from this atmospheric assault, I change up my beauty routine to replenish the life that the environment sucks out of me. Here's how you can (and should!), too.


Sometimes, you’re out all day at the concert, standing for hours, walking MILES, so I add a dietary supplement called Okinawa Life to my vitamins.

The desert is trying to kill you by sucking all the water out of your body, and not only is dehydration bad, but your body’s vitamin and mineral support gets RAVAGED. These little pills have antioxidants, digestive support and nutritional ingredients that boost my insides so my outsides look good.


Water your damn self! Dehydration is a HUGE problem at Coachella! It’s not only hot in the sun, but the water is getting leeched from your body without you even realizing it.

Coconut water is great, too, but be careful, because for all its magically restorative properties, it’s high in sugar.


My hair gets fried in a dry environment, so my scalp’s sebum production goes into OVERDRIVE. My roots get mad oily, and my ends are so dry, they’re like hay. Plus, with my hair being thin, it’s even more prone to breakage and brittleness.

There’s a special Klorane Shampoo with Citrus Pulp that really smacks down my overzealous sebaceous glands to keep my hair light, fluffy, and super shiny.

Also, rather than weighing my hair down further with heavy conditioner, I use the sister Leave-In Spray with Citrus Pulp, that I comb through my damp hair.


Listen ladies, when you’re sharing a house with a bunch of people, don’t bogart the bathroom for shaving. Also, I don’t want to step into a bathroom coated with your shedded hair. Wax before you head out to Indio.


Either splurge on gel nails--the environment is so dry, no matter HOW good your mani-pedi is, it WILL chip--or use a glitter polish like my new personal fave, Chanel Nail Colour in Graphite, which stays on longer than non-glitter polishes. Bring it with you for touch-ups.


There’s virtually NO SHADE! Bring a hat and a high-SPF sunscreen. I don’t like to be slathering crap all over me with my hands, as the bathrooms are (pardon the pun) crappy, and there’s virtually nowhere to wash your hands, so the Glytone Sunscreen Spray Mist SPF 50 is always in my bag. It’s fragrance-free, oil-free and waterproof, just in case I lose my mind and douse myself with water from my bottle or jump fully-clothed into our house’s pool.


It’s really dark in the desert at night. You’ll never regret being the only one of your knucklehead friends that can actually see where you are going at night, not to mention if you want to reapply waterproof mascara or lip gloss, you’ll actually be able to see your face.

Plus, if you are staying within walking distance of the venue, having a flashlight will not only help you get home, but also alert drivers to your presence on the road. Arrive alive! And pretty!

I’m off to the first weekend of Coachella now. If you see me and forgot your SPF, don’t hesitate to ask--I’ll share! (Oh, and I’ll also have extra earplugs.)

Will I be seeing any of you there?