How To Tattoo Your Own Eyebrows, Sorta

Sketch them in, hit the sack, and wake up with more defined brows that won’t wash off with your morning skincare routine.
Publish date:
September 14, 2015
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As someone who has actually gotten her eyebrows tattooed before, I was a bit dismayed at how all that precise needle-work did not last as long as I had hoped. It, in fact, lasted approximately 15% as long as they claimed to (which was two years, mind you). The slight fading is natural and was expected, but I suddenly empathized with the feeling of “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed” about my brows.

But then I got wind of a brow pen that actually tattoos your eyebrow skin, kind of like henna or self-tanner. It claims to last a week, which seems legit as far as efficiency goes, but also low-commitment in case you seriously render your brows FUBAR.

Unsurprising to me, a Korean beauty brand, Club Clio, makes this: Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow. Sounds like a mish-mash cocktail of words strung together, but you get the idea.

For reference, the whole “KILL” preoccupation with Club Clio’s cosmetics refers to how all the hip kids in Korea refer to things that kill as the best, in terms of performance. Kind of like when people say, “You’re killing it!” to mean, “You are doing a very good job!” (which I still don’t quite understand as a thing, but OK). Brow pens are deserving of praise too, I suppose.

On one end is a felt-tipped marker with a liquid tint. The formula is very faint and buildable so one stroke wouldn’t necessarily give you Instagram brows, but you can trace and fill in to your liking and intensity. The effect is meant to give you very natural-looking filled-in brows.

You’re supposed to apply this at night before you go to bed, after washing your face. Sketch in those brows, hit the sack, and wake up with more defined eyebrows that won’t wash off with your morning skincare routine. It sinks into your skin, so it won’t rub off on your pillow or anything like that.

The brow mascara on the other side serves to style those brow hairs and add a bit more definition. Honestly, I rarely use it because the darkest shade (dark brown), which I use, has a sort of chestnut-colored brown mascara, which is way lighter than my black eyebrows. It’s also tinted, so I can wear it without it looking like I’m trying to Sun-In my brows, but I’m a bit confused as to why the darkest shade of brows (for Koreans/Asians, who generally have very dark hair) would be a medium shade of brown.

I initially used it at night, but then would also use it in the morning as I was putting on my makeup and found that after about three days of consistent use, my brows were de-FINE-d even after washing my face at night and when I woke up.

Good thing that this baby sails in at very reasonable $22. But if we are being honest here, waking up with good brows is PRICELESS.

  • Would you ever get your brows tattooed? Have you?
  • Am I the only person alienated by the whole “killing it”/”crushing it” turn of phrase?
  • Who can tell my bangs to stop stealing my brows’ thunder?