Smelling Nice And Painting Your Nails Is Really Good For Kids

If you didn't already spend all your money on breast cancer awareness products in October, buy these charitable Clinique products starting this month.
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November 1, 2013
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I get it. You have pink-product fatigue. Over the last few years, October has become more closely associated with breast cancer awareness than Halloween, and it's left some of us thinking, "OK, enough--I am well aware of both breast cancer and the color pink," followed by, "Oh my god, am I a horrible person for thinking that?"

You're not a horrible person, by the way. Being nagged for four weeks to buy products that help even the most worthy cause can make anyone feel a little irked, especially when you, personally, may be more emotionally invested in other worthy causes (and other colors).

So you probably aren't interested in starting off your November with another promise of "buy this product, help these people." But after a month of so much attention going to one particular plight, I think it's really smart of Clinique to kick off the very next month with a campaign for a totally different spin on goodwill.

Starting today, Clinique is selling limited editions of two products: Happy Heart Perfume Spray and A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins in the shade Happy ♥ (yep, with the little heart symbol). They share their names with the non-profit Happy Hearts Fund, a foundation created by model and tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova.

Since 2006, the Happy Hearts Fund has worked in 14 countries--including Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Haiti and the US--rebuilding dozens of schools, helping 40,000 children and their communities. Clinique has donated $250,000 to the foundation, and with these limited-edition products, even more support will head their way.

Pretty touching, right? But you're not going to buy a product that helps a charity just because it helps a charity, right? Like, "Here, buy this defective vintage Flowbee that doesn't work because the proceeds go to saving the Western Black Rhino" isn't gonna fly (RIP Western Black Rhino). What's in it for YOU, other than the warm tinglies?

Well, Happy Heart Perfume Spray is a soft, flowery scent anchored by water hyacinth, Mandarin and blond woods. It's the kind of fragrance you almost don't notice on someone until they're not there and they've taken that lovely subtle scent with them.

Happy ♥ nail enamel is a perfect reddish-pink (I know, pink)--both dark and bright enough to wear year-round (or paint artless hearts on paper--see above). And it has the added benefit of going easy on skin and eyes that are sensitive to typical nail polish chemicals.

Plus, each one has a cute limited-edition bottle, which is a boon for those of us who are suckers for packaging (me).

When you buy the perfume, $10 goes to the Happy Hearts Fund; $3 is set aside when you get the nail polish. And this isn't just for November; the proceeds keep pouring in through December 2014.

Even if the Happy Hearts Fund isn't your will-all-my-money-to-it-when-I-die cause, these are a great give-a-little-get-a-little option. And, hello--no-brainer holiday gifts (AKA the next thing we'll all get reluctantly annoyed over).