Get The Look: Street Fighter's First Lady, Chun-Li

She could throw down a 300-pound sumo wrestler while making buns look super-sexy. This tutorial will show you how to do the latter.

Growing up in a world dominated by blonde Barbies and blue-eyed classmates, it was tough to find a "beauty" role model to relate to that I felt was vaguely achievable.

When I was in first grade, we were paired up with eighth grade reading buddies. The eighth-graders basically entered our classroom, and "picked out" a reading buddy I'm assuming the only way one would: based on cuteness level. It was like choosing a prize-winning show dog--and guess who were the prime contenders? The sweet, blonde, ringleted poodles.

I'm not even going to sugarcoat this: All the white kids were picked first, while the minorities were left hanging like last-choice losers. The ooh-ing and ahh-ing of 13-year-old girls marveling at how adorable their selections were left my six-year-old self feeling pretty dejected. No one wanted the slanty-eyed Asian girl left standing in the middle of the room.

I was left with twiddling my thumbs until some random boy who could not care less about reading buddies, had no choice but to pick from us leftover runts. Lesson to teachers, if you're reading this: partner up your reading buddies using a class list, please.

Enter Chun-Li, first lady of fighting games. She was quick, agile and easily gained favourite-character status. She could throw-down a 300-pound sumo wrestler AND a feral green man with ease. Not to mention her trademark badass lightning kicks (a formidable move for all the button-bashers out there) were pretty phenomenal.

To top it all off, she was and is absolutely beautiful--totally first choice reading buddy material.

Finally, an Asian female character in the mainstream that was strong, courageous and hey, smoking hot. And today, we'll learn how to recreate her look.

To me, Chun-Li is a natural beauty. She is the queen of no-makeup makeup. Flawless skin, a hint of cat-eye, neutral shadow and straight eyebrows that mean business: that is the Chun-Li essence.


I started with some Make Up For Ever HD foundation, which is my go-to whenever skin needs to look particularly blemish-free.

Then, I used Urban Decay's Buck eyeshadow, a matte brown, to contour down the sides and tip of my nose, underneath the cheekbones, and along my jawline. Chun-Li has quite sharp features, so if you are on the rounder features side like me, this step is pretty crucial.

I also dotted my cheekbones and the centre of my nose with Benefit High Beam, for that subtle glow that one achieves when defeating M. Bison.


Chun-Li has intense straight eyebrows that kind of dart upwards. What you'll want to do is cover up your own brows at the arch, and draw in the rest to best replicate the shape.

I used some regular glue and a concealer brush. Dipping the brush in a small amount of glue, I painted over the hairs and let it dry. Afterwards, I used concealer to cover the brow hair. The glue helps the existing hairs stay flat, which makes concealing a lot easier, as some of you lovely ladies already knew.

Using my trusty Anastasia Express Brow Kit in Brunette, I extended my brow upwards in a shape similar to Chun Li's.

Eyeshadow was kept simple: I blended Buck into the inner and outer corners of my lid, as well as on my lower lash line.

Using a black pencil liner, I tight-lined my upper water line; then with Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black, I made a small wing. Since I typically don't like the cat-eye look on me (I find that it generally overwhelms my shallow-set eyes), I started liner from about three-quarters of my outer eye, rather than from the tear duct. I find this shape slightly more flattering.

I finished with a coat of mascara, and using the liquid liner, I also made tiny dots along the lower lash line to fake the appearance of thicker lashes.


I finished the look with some Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus because Chun-Li is definitely a lip balm kind of girl.

And that's it. I tied my hair into two buns and finished with yellow ribbon (for that Chun-Li Alpha look).

Sans ribbon and maybe keeping your natural eyebrow, I think this look is pretty wearable.

What do you think: would you try this Chun-Li inspired look? Did you have a reading buddy? Who were your beauty idols as a child? Do you want me to do more Capcom/Namco/video game inspired tutorials? (Tekken's Alisa is my current favourite.)