3 Blue Beauty Products That Make Me Feel Anything But

There's something about cobalt blue that just makes me happy on even those miserable winter day.
Publish date:
March 7, 2014
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I know I've been on this tip for awhile, but god does this winter suck. It sucks so much I can't even describe it adequately. Recently, Minneapolis got about 10 inches of snow, which turned into ice when the temperature immediately plummeted back into the negatives. Driving home from work was so terrifying, I nearly cried from fear, what with the gaping potholes and semi trucks pulled over on the side of the highway.

But I refuse to let this winter kill my buzz. My airbrush tan helped a lot, as did my recent root touch-up. When I really want to abolish my winter blues, I turn to my favorite summery color: bright cobalt blue.

Hot pink is my favorite color (no duh), but there's something about an electric blue that just makes me happy. It feels like sunshiny warm days, beaches, days on the lake and hot, tan skin. I love it. It lifts me out of my doldrums. When I feel the grumpies coming on, I just add a bit of bright blue to my day and I feel better.

And lately, I’ve been doing it with beauty products.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Pacific Blue

I went through a phase a few years ago where I combed the nail polish world for the perfect Yves Klein blue polish. This was one of my favorites; it has a cult following for good reason.

I rarely do my toes in any other color than red or black, but when I need a blast of brightness, I always reach for Pacific Blue. It's so happy, and for $3, it's an insanely cheap pick-me-up. Plus it looks equally good with pale skin or a tan!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Cobalt

I have THE oiliest eyelids ever and have found these liners to be nothing short of a miracle. Pencil liners always end up migrating all over my lids by the end of the day, but these stay put. I'm amazed at their lasting power; the swatch I drew on my hand at Sephora lasted two days even with frequent hand-washing.

In the summer, I love bright blue liner in big bold swoops across my lids.

LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

I'm a big bath girl. I refer to our giant clawfoot tub as my office. I send emails, pitch stories and talk to my mom from the bath, as one does.

I love LUSH bath bombs, especially this one because it tints the tub a lovely blue color and smells of spicy lavender and lemon. For the ultimate mermaid bath, I add the sparkly gold Sunny Side bubble bar and a generous pour of monoi oil, which softens my skin like magic and smells just like tropical breezes.

Are you guys having a tough winter too? What are you doing to fight the winter blues? Any good bright blue products for me to add to my arsenal?