Celebrity Beauty Tips From A Real Celebrity… Researcher

My job has given me access to some of the most interesting celebrity beauty tips, and this website has given you access to me. Do the math!

Working in the entertainment industry as a celebrity researcher for the past two years, I’ve pored through interviews, articles, and (un)authorized biographies to uncover the most fascinating tidbits on Hollywood stars.

My findings run the gamut from quirky (Kat Dennings loves to talk about hamsters, hates being called “quirky”) to the mundane (name one starlet who doesn’t describe her teenage years as “awkward” and I’ll kiss your face), and I’ve collected plenty of celebrity beauty secrets in my research.

One secret I’ve discovered while spending the better and longer part of my days reading celebrity news is that underneath their personal trainers, chefs, publicists, managers, assistants, stylists, and hair and makeup teams who groom, arrange, and adjust their fake hair, nails, teeth and tans, stars are just like us!

I abide by some of the beauty tips I’ve come across, leaning towards the moderately-priced, DIY and home remedies. Sure, Salma Hayek, I’ll try these facial exercises to prevent aging! What’s that, Khloe Kardashian? You recommend dabbing on Aquaphor to diminish under-eye wrinkles? Remind me, Amanda Seyfried, what was the price of that Clé de Peau Beauté night cream you love? $13,000?

You know, maybe I’ll try the much more reasonably priced $775 version. Or not. No offense or anything!

You can never be too sure if celebs really swear by the tips they’re doling out, or if they’re simply a result of an attractive endorsement deal, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment. After all, science is fun (lol).

Below are some simple, convenient, and cost-effective celebrity beauty suggestions I’ve trialed and errored, and certify to be true.


You guys, it wasn’t just a scene in Miss Congeniality! Sandra Bullock really does use Preparation H hemorrhoid cream under her eyes to decrease inflammation because it’s a vasoconstrictor. (That means it helps reduce puffiness. After all, hemorrhoids are puffy.) And if you can’t trust Sandy B., who can you trust? Nobody, that’s who. So go ahead and try some Preparation H under your eyes when you’ve had a long night or one too many saltines.


Both Julie Chen and I (whoa, never thought I’d start a sentence that way) hate waiting for our nails to dry, and Julie does not trust light-based drying machines due to their UV Rays.

Dropping a few ice cubes in a bowl of water and dipping your fingertips in helps set nail polish faster. Weird, right? Water making something dry? Anyway, it’s the perfect tip for the busy girl on the go. You go, girl.


I know for a FACT that certain celebrities, particularly singers, like to use humidifiers to keep their vocal chords nice and hydrated. How’s that for an inside scoop?!

I purchased one myself recently when I fell under the weather with what I thought was a slight cold. When I took my puffy eyes, red nose, throbbing headache, and the inability to pronounce M’s and N’s (“Adybody got ady sidus bedication?”) to the doctor, however, I learned my “slight cold” was actually laryngitis, sinusitis, and adorable acute bronchitis.

After some Googling, I learned not only that humidifiers help relieve sinusitis, but also that Bed Bath & Beyond delivers! Following a long and complicated phone call with customer service (you try placing an order for a humidifier when you have laryngitis--Jesus, I practically had to spell out my request in a series of morse code coughs), I got my humidifier! And after just a day or two, my voice was back and my sinuses were clear!

But I digress--this isn’t about AILMENTS, this is about BEAUTY! Get it together, MJ.

The point is, humidifiers improve skin condition--maybe that’s why your favorite singer has such clear, radiant skin. And I’ll be honest, since getting my Crane Drop Shape Humidifier, my skin does feel suppler and more hydrated. And as an added bonus, I sleep better! Just me and my humidifier, living the dream.


Kim Kardashian uses three different mascaras on the (rare) occasion that she doesn’t wear fake eyelashes. That’s one tip. But to achieve the curled, defined lashes you’re hoping for without having to triple your spending on mascara, follow Isla Fisher’s lead: Blow-dry your eyelash curler before using it to maximize the curl. It’s similar to the effect of blowdrying your hair with a round brush. Voila! Thank you. You’re welcome.


Celebs swear by Vaseline and don’t need to shell out tons o’ money for it. And it does so many things!

  • Want to avoid the embarrassment of lipstick smudging on your teeth? Rub some Vaseline over them.
  • Want a cheap and easy way to sculpt your brows? Take after Kimora Lee Simmons and add a little Vaseline over your brows with a Q-tip to darken, define, and shape.
  • Is your smile drying out from smiling too much for pictures on the red carpet (so relatable)? Run some Vaseline over your gums like Jessica Chastain.

Let me know if you try any of these celebrity beauty tips! But if you pay it forward, tell people you heard the tips from me so I can get closer to being a celebrity.