I'm Using Castor Oil As Eye Cream, Mascara And Brow-Grooming Gel

Whenever I pat a thin layer of this super-thick oil into my under-eyes and lashes, everything looks so supple!
Publish date:
January 29, 2014
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Castor oil was never initially on my radar when I began to experiment with straight natural oils in my beauty routine. It was thick, goopy, and in the laxative aisle.

But you know a remedy is worth trying when it's found in healing texts of more than one ancient culture. The castor oil plant, or Palma Christi, is native to the Mediterranean basin, as well as North Africa, Central Asia, and India. Basically anywhere there has been a notable ancient civilization, castor oil has been pressed and used for many purposes for thousands of years.

If you don’t have a bottle of castor oil on hand, it is a worthy investment. I personally use an eight-ounce bottle in a few months--it gets used for so many things in my house. You can use it for you oil cleansing method as well as a hair pomade for men. I figured out this use when I discovered nearly every men’s hair product is simply a concoction of castor oil, beeswax, and man smell. Nearly all of my male clients use a dab of castor oil now instead of their old wax or pomade that was as much as $26 a jar.

My favorite use for castor oil, though, is an all-in-one under-eye cream, mascara, and brow-grooming gel.

The cold-pressed oil of the castor bean should be thick and viscous, and can be yellow-beige to dark-brown in color depending on country of origin. Like many other products harvested in developing nations, purchasing quality, organic, fair-trade product is key to ensure proper treatment of the people who actually made your product. Positive vibes make for better product and a better world at large.

I personally dig Heritage products and Tropic Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Using castor oil as eye cream has made loads of difference in the baby wrinkles I was starting to notice. After all, I am gliding into my LATE 20s in nearly a month. Whenever I patted a thin layer of this super-thick oil into my under-eyes and lashes, everything looked plump and supple!

I had also read about eyelash and brow growth when using this stuff, and I can attest to its luscious effects. I had long lashes before, but now, when I use mascara, they legit look fake. Y’all know I prefer a more low-key eye makeup look, so having extra-long lashes sans fards is much more my steez. I used to tweeze stray brow hairs every third day, now I need to check on those babies every single day!

Judge for yourself, but my eye skin looks more plump with a light application of castor oil. I like the slight sheen it gives to my skin, like a pigment-less highlighter, and it helps my under-eye makeup set better. Also, I used some to define my lashes and groom my brows, where you can obviously see a huge difference.

I use a dab under my eyes before makeup and a larger dab rubbed into my whole face on the same day as a face mask. Castor oil is full of triglycerides, which is a huge component of human skin oil; this is one of the reasons it is so widely used in cosmetic preparations ranging from eye makeup to hair pomade.

Since I use one bottle for so many things (hair and scalp treatment, hair pomade and defining polish, facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, eye cream, brow grooming, mascara or mascara gloss booster, pain relief, cyst treatment) it is important to decant a small amount into a sterilized glass bottle for eye use only. Bacteria can cause conjunctivitis, and your makeup must be tossed when you contract it (and if you’re lucky, you won’t give it to someone else). This is why keeping a separate bottle for use with clean Q-tips and mascara wands is essential to prevent illness.

This is SUCH a cheap "remedy" that takes the place of some seriously expensive products! Eye creams are one of the most expensive things out there--no reason why you can’t give this a shot at less than $10 for a bottle of top-quality oil.

The health uses for castor oil are numerous, and I have personally had castor oil heal some pretty embarrassing health problems that maybe I'll share with you another time, but for now start with one of the simplest and most effective beauty fixes I've ever tried.