She's A Babe! Go As Cassandra From 'Wayne’s World' For Halloween

Publish date:
October 30, 2013
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As far as female leads in movies with some dude’s name in the title go (and the movie is generally all about said dude), there are few as ineffably memorable to me as Cassandra Wong in Wayne’s World (and Wayne's World 2). She became Wayne’s babely girlfriend, but what was important to me was that she was the badass lead singer and bass player of Crucial Taunt, a fictional band from Aurora, Illinois.

Rob Lowe and Christopher Walken were sweatin’ her real hard, but she was all about her music career. Even though she was a total babe, she didn't use her feminine wiles to get to the top, just her bass skills and soulful howl. In 1992, I was really drawn to chicks who mesmerized men with their axe shredding skills and were smart and funny to boot. And if they punched someone in the film--OH MY GOD SO COOL. Violence is cool in movies if it’s self-righteous, right?

If it were the early '90s and I had a Fender P-bass I would do this look every day, but it’s 2013, and I don’t know the words to "Ballroom Blitz." No matter!

Homegirl keeps things pretty natural on her face, but I’m betting there’s at least half a can of Aquanet in that poufed-up side part.

I’m going for the penultimate look from Wayne’s World, in which Crucial Taunt performs live on Wayne’s show and some record executive dude sees it on his limo TV. It’s the stuff of public access dreams.

T and/or A aside, Tia Carrere and I at least have skin tone and brow shape in common. Easy! I defined my brows the usual old way, with some light penciling just to give them a bit more definition.

I used a dark brown shadow powder (bareMinerals' Java) to shadow the crease of my eyes and blended it upwards and towards the outer corners a bit.

Then I smudged some black liner on top because I was not quite satisfied. Also, it was the early '90s, so you KNOW the makeup artist on set was all "Just Do It" with the eyeliner.

Now slap some mascara on those babies and you’ve got yourself some beautiful peepers.

Blush, pre-millenium, is hilarious to me because folks got real creative as to placement. They shouldn’t even have called it blush, since that’s never the area where they put it. I feel like women would put blush on their temples a lot in the early 90s. What is the deal with that?

This is no different. Cassandra doesn’t appear to be wearing blush, so much as some cheekbone-defining sculpting pigment. Well, I don’t have that. I own normal blush. But I’ll apply it in the wacky fashion of the early '90s.

This is NARS Cream Blush in Lokoum. I like cream blush because it makes for one less makeup brush to clean, and they travel friendlier. Oh, and the pigment sets in nicer, I think. And it doesn’t get its subtle shimmer on my phone’s screen when I put my phone on my face. I can wax poetic all day about the virtues of cream blush except there are also other more important things I could be doing. Like anything, really. But seriously, guys, go cream blush!

Blend it with your fingers where the top of your cheekbones start and blend down towards your mouth.

Now for those red lips. What else would better complement a cherry-red lace lingerie dress disguised as an outside outfit?

Cassandra’s hair in this movie is impressively transformative, but in a subtle “oh, you have bangs now but you didn’t two scenes ago” way that you don’t take notice of until you’re researching it for a beauty tutorial. Well, now she does, which is great for me because I’m happy for any excuse to use my $5 clip-in bangs I bought off eBay for no reason.

Then I just teased the back a bit and clipped up some top sections to make my hair appear taller. Big dreams require big hair. Since I don’t have the insanely short choppy layers Tia has in this scene (and I’m not that committed to this tutorial to take a razor to my head), this creates an illusion of that crazy early '90s lift.

The fun part of this costume is the costume itself. Be warned, it takes confidence in cheap lingerie. Can you hang with that? In the words of Cady Heron, Halloween is the one time of year when a girl can dress as slutty as she wants and no one can say anything. Luckily, I don’t have to pander too much to tarting up the getup of Crucial Taunt’s lead singer because it’s red lace. RED LACE. ‘Nuff said.

If you play a bass or guitar, great! If you don’t, that’s OK because I’m sure toting one of those around strapped to your chest would get really tedious at a party anyway. And people will probably ask you to play something, and then your axe might get jacked up--oh no! I’m pretty sure Tia Carrere did not actually play her bass in the film, but girl could sing.

Whether you are with or without your Wayne, the cool part of Cassandra is that she’s a badass awesome lady all by herself, with or without a man. I mean, there was that whole engaged-to-her-manager (aka Christopher Walken) subplot without any romantic build-up, which to this day I’m sure must only serve to create that famous Graduate-inspired “Cassssadrraaaaaa” scene when Wayne interrupts their nuptials banging on the glass window of the church as they’re about to say “I do.” Worth it.