Finally! An App That Lets Single People Take Arm-Free Selfies

This isn't just another camera timer app. It's a camera timer app for lazy people!
Publish date:
June 17, 2013
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I've never loved selfies. Sure, I take them now and then, and I know my best selfie angle (from slightly above, chin tilted a little down), but I'm always annoyed by the shoulder or--worse--entire upper arm that looks disproportionately large because the hand attached to it is holding the iPhone.

I don't really have a choice, though.

Let's say I'm trying out a makeup look for this here site and I want to document it. Well, I live alone. And I'm single, so it's not like there's a boyfriend or husband hanging around to take a picture. I love the couple that lives across the hall (hi Dan and Nicole!), but I'm not going to knock on their door every time I need a picture taken. And my dogs are relatively intelligent, but without opposable thumbs, I don't think training them to take a picture is going to happen.

So, selfies it is. It are. They are. Whatever.

I take as many photos for xoVain as possible at the office, so I can get Annie or Olivia's help. I love our patterned backgrounds and the neighborhood we're in, but sometimes I want to expand my surroundings. Have you noticed Annie has much more varied photo backgrounds? One of her closest friends is a professional photographer--like, for magazines and ad campaigns and stuff--so… yeah. Does anyone know of any dating sites specifically for women who want to date photographers?

Luckily, a lot of iPhone camera timer apps have come out, which makes it easier to look like you're not constantly, devastatingly alone. You set your phone on a sturdy surface, start the timer, get into place, and it takes your picture. But it's a little annoying to have to keep going back to the phone to restart the timer.

That's why I've been showing everyone this one new app as if I'm the proud developer. It's called CamMe, and it will CHANGE THE SELFIE FOREVERRRRRR.

Like with a timer app, you place it on a table or tripod with the screen facing you, but you don't set a timer. It's GESTURE-controlled!

You get back into place, and once you're where you want to be, you're prompted to raise a hand, palm-forward.

You'll then be prompted to turn that palm into a fist, and when you do, that's when the countdown for the photo starts: 3-2-1-smile. (You don't actually have to smile.) Want to take more? Just stay where you are and keep doing the palm/fist thing.

I love this app, you guys! And there are only two downsides I can think of.

First, the self-facing camera capabilities on the iPhone are lower-quality than the outfacing ones; you've probably noticed the photo above is a little "noisy." You CAN switch this app around to take photos with the outfacing lens, but then you can't see the prompts. But hey, that makes it kind of like a game, and I hear people use their iPhones for things like that.

Second, when you're first showing people how it works, you end up with pictures of people with their fists up, because they don't realize they can put them down after the countdown starts. But that's not really a downside. It's actually pretty funny having pictures of a bunch of people doing a solidarity fist for no particular reason.

Let me know if you download it!