In Defense Of Buying Beauty Products At TK Maxx

Or TJ Maxx, as you Americans know it.
Publish date:
April 23, 2013
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Whilst I really can’t be faffed with shopping at TK Maxx for clothes (the jumble sale vibe that seems like fun in vintage shops is just too much like a hassle in amongst all that sub-Jane-Norman tat) there is one thing I do like to shop for there. Well, two actually, but this isn’t a cookware blog.

That one thing is beauty products. (Do beauty products count as one thing? I have a feeling I may be grammatically incorrect there.)

Man, have I found some good bargains in The Maxx, as me and my friends definitely DO NOT call it.

Check it:

Stroll into Space NK or Sephora or wherever, and 50 milliliters of this Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-Ageing and Anti-Wrinkle Cream from Korres will set you back a whopping $48. $48! But in TK Maxx, that’ll be $9.99, please, madam.

Spell check doesn’t recognise the word quercetin, and I’ve just realised I’ve actually no clue what it is. A quick Google tells me that it "belongs to a group of plant pigments called flavonoids that give many fruits, flowers and vegetables their colour" and is an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. Incidentally, my spellchecker doesn’t recognise flavonoids either. Not very sciencey.

Now, I would think long and hard before spunking nigh on 40 quid on face cream, but a tenner is eminently more doable (spunkable?). I’ll happily spend that as a payday treat. In fact, I did happily spend that as a payday treat.

Korres is a high-end brand that fancies itself as being at-one-with-nature, so I was pretty confident I was getting a good product, even though I’d not researched it beforehand. And I was right to be--the cream is lovely. A little goes a long way; one pump does my whole face, and it’s light and gentle with a beautiful scent. It works well on my oily skin, reduces shine, subtly evens out fine lines, and sits comfortably under my makeup.

My next great purchase was this puppy:

This was a bit more of a punt on my part as I’d never heard of Christian Breton before, but I decided to ignore society’s advice not to judge a book by its cover and base my purchase pretty much on packaging alone. I mean, look at it; that’s some classy skincare right there.

On the package, this describes itself as a "revolutionary powder gel serum." Powder and gel and serum? Eh? But, to be fair, now I’ve tried it, and somehow it is all those things.

You only need a teeny-tiny bit--half a pump--and it’s kind of the consistency of a serum, but then you smooth it over oily areas and BAM! It transforms to a smooth, shine-free powdery finish.

The advice is to use it morning and night as part of your skincare routine, but I use it more like a primer, either alone or under makeup to even out my skin and manage shine. In fact, it’s replaced the Smashbox primer in my make up bag.

And the price? Reduced from $85 to... $23. Nice.

The only problem with buying your lotions and potions in TK Maxx is that if you are the kind of girl that’s faithful to just one product, then chances are that by the time you run out, they won’t have any more of whatever you want in stock.

There are some things they seem to stock regularly, like L’Oreal or Elizabeth Arden stuff, but basically you are dependent on what they happen to have. Though, if you ask me, that’s part of the fun.

Other than skincare, some good purchases there are sun products, self-tanners, hair oils, mahoosive bottles of hairdresser-type shampoos and conditioners, and fancy-pants hand wash.

So next time you’re looking to get your beauty on, don’t just head to Boots (or CVS?) thinking you’re too skint for the posh stuff. Pop into TK Maxx and see what they’ve got.

Check out the cookware whilst you’re there too--cheap Le Creuset! Yay!

What's the best beauty buy you've gotten at TK/TJ Maxx?