Brushed-Up Eyebrows: Chic Or A Little Too Lorax?

Will brushing my eyebrows upwards make me look more fresh?
Publish date:
January 16, 2014
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When I was little, I had thick, enviable albeit shapeless brows. Being a teen in the early 2000s meant that they were inevitably doomed. Thin Kate Moss brows ruled the runways and covers, so tweezers in hand, I went to work--constantly and vigilantly.

Sadly, my eyebrows have never quite returned to their former glory. But they at least remain, if not thick, dense, much like me after watching too many episodes of My Teenage Wedding.

Anyway, apparently brushed up eyebrows are a thing. They're meant to be more youthful, opening up your face, making you look like a wild, young, mythical creature. What kind of beauty writer would I be if I didn't at least give it a go?

Let's experiment. Here are regular brows on my regular face:

Here they are brushed up.

I thought it still looked a bit messy, so I brought out my trusty Anastasia Brow Kit and filled them in.

I like how natural they look, but I still found them quite overwhelming. To balance them out, I did a strong red lip using Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge in 8C.

I'm not that crazy about them, but I do think it is a nice change from the standard, super groomed brow. I do think they add a bit of a boldness to the face, and it's quite fresh because it's unexpected.

Do you ever brush up your brows? Would you?