Endless Love: Beauty Inspired By Brooke Shields In The 1981 Original

The '80s teen drama gets a revamp this weekend, but I want to revisit the original movie (and Brooke Shield's eyebrows).

Hollywood likes to recycle. Take, for example, the 1981 teen-centric romance-drama Endless Love, directed by Franco Zeffirelli (who also directed the 1968 Olivia Hussey version of Romeo and Juliet, so I guess he likes teens in love?) and starring Brooke Shields, Martin Hewitt, hot early-'80s James Spader and a young lil' Tom Cruise. As you probably know if you own a TV (they really won't stop playing the commercials) the movie has been remade and, hits theatres this weekend, [sigh] of course, just in time for... Valentine's Day. How romantic, right?

Well, sort of? I guess? If this remake sticks to the original at all, it's actually kind of messed up. Skip ahead if you don't want spoilers for a 33 year-old movie, but there's a lot of craziness that happens in 1981's Endless Love.

For example, 15 year-old Jade (Brooke Shields) starts losing sleep because she just can't seem to stop having sex with her 17 year-old boyfriend David (Martin Hewitt) which leads her to steal a sleeping pill. Common problem. This makes her parents FORBID her from seeing David until the school year finishes, which neither of them can handle (teen hormones!!!); thus, David decides to fake-burn-down Jade's house, starting a little fire with the hopes of putting it out and looking like a hero. Of course he doesn't put it out in time, the house burns down, and he gets carted off to a mental hospital. Typical.

Are you still with me? Are you also wondering why the new movie seems to skim over this major plotline in favour of cutesy snuggles in the back of a truck? Anyway… there's more. Jade's family moves away, and David spends two years in the psychiatric facility, writing love letters that never get sent. When he's finally released, he tries to track Jade down, coincidentally bumps into her father in the streets of New York, resulting in a chase that ends in Jade's dad getting hit by a car and dying. Yep. Then David finds Jade, throws her on a bed and screams at her while she cries, begging her to admit that she still loves him. Holy crap, no wonder they're releasing this remake on Valentine's Day. This is heartfelt stuff.

So clearly there are a lot of issues with Endless Love, which was a box-office success in its time (despite pretty terrible reviews and Razzie nominations). But the remake, thankfully, has at least one thing in common with the original: hot people. Hot, young people doin' it. I guess that's all you really need for a smash hit, right?

But I'm not here to talk about these new hotties. (Although, hey Alex Pettyfer, call me.) I'm here to talk about Brooke Shields, she of the bushy brows, sparkling eyes and gorgeous, flowing hair. Growing up I only really knew Brooke Shields from Suddenly, Susan, but as I got older, I realized how much of an icon she is.

She's lead a pretty wild life, and always looked babely doing so. Endless Love was no exception. As Jade, she captured one of my favourite early '80s looks, which is slightly-preppy, rosy-cheeked angel with fluffy, feathery hair. See also: Elizabeth McGovern in Ordinary People.

Recreating Jade's look was pretty simple, since she's a fresh-faced teen and doesn't require a ton of makeup. I focused mostly on the party scene look from the movie, which involved a little bit more definition/glamour and a fuzzed-out, tendril-accented undo.

I started by seriously bulking up my eyebrows with my constantly-used Clarins Pro Palette, because you can't do a Brooke Shields-inspired look and ignore the brows. I used a stiff bristled brush to really bulk up the shape of my natural brows and widened them a bit too.

Next, I really wanted to make sure my brows looked bushy so I used Anastasia Brow Gel to brush them up.

In the party scene, Jade has a bit of soft definition on her eyes, so I chose a brown gel eyeliner, NARS Eye Paint in Mesopotamia and used and angled brush to apply it really close to the outer corners of my upper and lower lash line.

Then to soften everything up, I used a fluffy shadow brush to apply MAC Eye Shadow in Sable, a soft pinky-brown shimmer, all over my eyelid and up into the crease.

I gave myself that teen-in-love flush by blending the lightest dusting of NARS Guy Bourdin Collection Blush in Coeur Battant, a hot pink, on the apples of my cheeks.

Then I got those early-'80s rosy-brown lips by first applying Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Lip Liner in Brandy Wine #666 along the lip line and blending in towards my lips.

I then used a Q-Tip to smudge OCC Lip Tar in Marion, a "rose-beige neutral," into the centre of my lips and blend the two shades together.

The hair was pretty easy to recreate since it's so laissez-faire. I gave myself a side part and used my Conair Infiniti Pro 1/2" Flat Iron to curl my bangs under. Then I gathered my hair near the crown and twisted it into a little donut-shape before pressing it against my head and securing it with some long hair pins and then a few bobby pins for staying power.

I let a few pieces fall down in front of my ears and wrapped those around the flat iron to give myself some tendrils. Oh, tendrils.

I also wanted to try for Jade's regular look: voluminous hair down with brushed out spiral curls. This involved parting my hair in the middle and brushing my bangs away from my face so they were good and feathered. Then I wrapped 2-inch sections of hair around the flat iron to create curls, let them cool, and then brushed them out with my Mason Pearson brush.

I added a bit of bronzer on my cheeks and nose to make me look like a sun-kissed teen because isn't that the effect we're all always going for?

So, will you be seeing Endless Love this weekend? Or will you stream the original from Amazon and laugh uncomfortably at the strangeness of it all? Tell me about your favourite precociously sexual roles played by young Brooke Shields. Don't worry, I'll never do a Pretty Baby tutorial. Yipes.