5 Beauty Resolutions I've Already Broken One Month Into The New Year

It's not even February and I've already betrayed my hair, skin and nails.

I didn’t make a ton of resolutions for 2014, mainly because
they never really work out and I would rather work on myself every day than
pressure myself once a year. That being said, I did have a few beauty
resolutions in the back of my head that I really hoped to follow through 2014
and my entire life, if possible.

Unfortunately, it isn’t even February and, in
typical New Year’s resolution fashion, I have already broken the majority of

Drink More Water

Near the end of last year, I was really good with my water
intake. When the festive season came, I was more into coffee and diet drinks, and I could feel my body and skin paying the price. I vowed that 2014 would be the year of the water.

Today, I have
drunk one glass and its 4:50pm. I am ashamed of myself.

No More Skin Picking

As some of you know,
my skin has been acting up recently due to going off the pill.
I’ve been trying to stop picking at my blemishes and scars, but I have been
failing dismally. I know that my face looks worse than ever after I pick at it,
but the urge is too strong. Must. Not. Pick.

No More Nail Polish Picking

Speaking of picking, I resolved to look after my nails
more by trying to resist the filthy temptation of peeling my nail polish off.
Whenever I have a tiny chip or peel in my polish, it must come off IMMEDIATELY,
whether there is remover around or not. My preferred method of removal is
picking and peeling. It leaves my nails looking and feeling terrible.

I need to
stop, but this picture, taken today, speaks for itself:

Quit Heat Styling

GHD, I don’t know how to quit you. Seriously.

I chopped most
of my hair off pretty early in the year, and vowed right then and there to stay
far away from my hair iron and blowdryer. Unfortunately, I do not have naturally
silky, straight hair that behaves.

The worst thing to see in the morning is a
mop of frizzy hair, so I have broken this resolution quite a few times. I have
cut down a lot, but sometimes I need my hair iron to make me feel semi-decent
about my appearance.

Use Eye Cream Every Night

I finally found an eye
cream that I like: Clinique All About Eyes. I know that consistency is key,
so I wanted to step my game up in 2014 and use it every day.

Most days,
however, it’s 1AM and I’m lying in bed contemplating the future of our entire
planet, and then I remember the eye cream too late and everything just crumbles.
Sometimes I’ll get up and apply it, but most times I’ll just lie there,
stress-overthinking about it.

Did you guys make any beauty resolutions? Have you stuck to
them so far? Any tips on helping me stick to mine?