Post-Explosion Gus Fring: The 'Breaking Bad' Costume That Will Actually Impress People

I don't care if he's been dead for two years. Gus is everything you need in a villain and a Halloween costume.

Everyone is going as Walt and Jesse for Halloween this year, right? And that's cool; I'm all about hazmat suits, gas masks and adding an earnest "BITCH!" to the end of most sentences.

But guys, let' s talk about the best Breaking Bad costume of all: Gustavo Fring, after his glorious demise by Hector Salamanca. Ding, ding, ding!

Gus is everything you need in a villain. Mild-mannered and polite, yet revenge-driven and cutthroat; exceedingly rich and owner of the best chicken chain in all of the Southwest. Who else would you want to be for Halloween?

So rethink that hazmat suit (or at least, grab a Walt and upstage every Walt and Jesse at every party, ever) and go for the gold. Bonus points if you can find yourself a Hector.

What you'll need:

  • Scar wax
  • Bone wax
  • Black makeup
  • Red makeup
  • Blood
  • Bald cap
  • Spirit Gum
  • Liquid Latex
  • Oil (for removal and washing your hands after each wax application. This is a must for your sanity. I used sweet almond oil.)

Instead of wax, you could use a toilet paper/glue method, but I find this a bit trickier and less precise. Also, glue takes really long to dry.

First, take your bald cap and cut it in half.

Position it on the right side of your head, and mark where you need to cut out the ears. For my face, I used Ben Nye Color Cake I found in a bargain bin for $1, and for the price, it was shockingly impressive. It doesn't look cakey and lasts for ages.

I used the shade "Death Flesh," which is surprisingly close to my actual skin colour (uh, thanks, Ben Nye) but with a slight grey cast. I would definitely pay full price if I found the right, non-death-related match.

Cut out ears, then glue down with spirit gum.

With your black makeup (I used Benefit's BadGal eyeliner), trace out the darkest parts of the skull using Gus' photo as a guide.

Colour it in.

Using your bone wax, form the parts of the skull and teeth. This stuff is really sticky and can be difficult to work with at first. I learned later that it's easier to take a larger portion of the wax and mould it into the shape you want with your hands, rather than taking smaller pieces and trying to mould the shape on your face as you go along.

Brush the spirit gum onto your skin before applying the wax to make it stick.

For teeth, I rolled three tiny little balls and pressed them into my face.

Next, apply the scar wax all over your face, indenting and pressing where necessary.

This makeup is not terribly comfortable, so I didn't want to add to the discomfort by using a full bald cap. Cut carefully around the top of your bald cap so your hair is free. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Using the extra "skin" from the bald cap, cut out a piece that is big enough to cover the bottom of your ear. Affix with spirit gum. You can also do this to your eye area for more realism (being careful not to apply any spirit gum too close to your eye), but I prefer seeing, so skipped this.

Apply more scar wax, especially along the edges. The weight of the wax will help hold the cap down. After you've applied all the wax, coat in liquid latex. Let dry.

Apply red makeup liberally.

Using matte black eyeshadow, begin to darken up the dark areas. Also place some wherever necessary to create depth. I put it into the little crevices. Blend.

Add the fake blood. Mine had a minty-fresh flavour! I also cleaned up the bone wax a little bit before-hand.

Pull your hair to the side, add your favourite Gus gear and you're good to go.

Look how terrifying it is without flash!

So, are you Breaking Bad this Halloween? Did I pull this off? Please tell me that the arduous time I spent peeling this off my face and neck was worth it.

Also, have you seen Giancarlo Esposito in Night On Earth? If not, you're in for a treat!