Boob Sweat: Why Panty Liners Shouldn't Be Limited To Just Your Panties

Say what? Shhhh, my child, just read on...
Publish date:
July 22, 2013
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Girl huddle! Let's take a minute of our day to whine about pesky lady issues, like the wad of hair that accumulates at the top of your butt crack whilst showering, PMS-induced pizza face, and the boob-sweat monster that leaves your breasts sticky, moist and covered in a musky odor that proves slightly offensive to the ol' olfactory senses.

Speaking of boob sweat--and this may be more of a problem for large-busted ladies--how obnoxious is that little pool of sweat that saturates your clothes just underneath your bust line? You know, the section under your breast shelf that everyone else in the world can see except yourself because, well, boobs.

The reality is that boobs sweat. So do armpits and backs and necks and hands. It's a part of life and completely natural, but that certainly doesn't mean I want to strut around with dark, wet splotches all over my clothes. No, thanks!

When the forecast is 97 degrees with a 100% chance of boob precipitation, sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a ball in the bathtub and let water wash over you. But what if I told you there were ways to successfully thwart boob sweat? These tricks work for my knockers--maybe they'll work for yours, too!


This is my quick remedy for all boob sweat related issues. Especially when it's really hot outside and/or I'm more active than normal. I apply a little bit underneath my breasts (where most of the sweating action occurs) and also where my boobs rub together. This not only helps with the sweating, but also prevents chaffing-related irritation. And, of course, the deodorant keeps smells at bay.

You can use your choice of deodorant, but I swear by Arrid Extra Extra Dry Unscented. Yes, it's for men. It's the same deodorant my husband uses, actually, and it's freaking amazing. I used it once when staying over at his place years ago and, after him complaining about me always using his, I finally broke down and bought my own. No smells to clash with your perfume and it seriously works. I will never use another deodorant in my life.

(Psst. Other places to use deodorant besides your underarms: In between your thighs to nix chaffing and "down there" to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs after shaving.)


Let us observe a moment of silence for all those brassieres that've fallen prey to the yellow sweat stain demon. Seriously, if I'm going to spend upwards of $80 on a bra, I'm going to do everything I can to prolong its life.

Cue panty liners.

Panty liners absorb sweat, thereby keeping you and your bra dry. And because the sweat's getting absorbed by the liner, it cuts down on the staining.

Buy the thinnest high-quality panty liner you can find and then place one (or more, if necessary) at the bottom of each bra cup. Replace throughout the day as needed, and relish in a bra that still smells fresh when you take it off.


According to the box, cornstarch "thickens gravies, sauces, stews and soups." But what the box doesn't tell you is that cornstarch also aids in boob sweat prevention and relief!

If you're wary of wearing too much deodorant--or if the idea of deodorant on your boobs weirds you out--try cornstarch. In addition to minimizing sweat, corn starch also helps relieve irritation. Just make sure you're clean and completely dry before applying. You can also mix in a little baking soda to cut down on smell.

If you try any of the above suggestions, come back and tell me how they worked out for you! (And seriously, how annoying is that stupid clump of hair that you have to dig out from between your legs/butt every time you shampoo?)3 3