Can I Get Away With Hairy Legs And Black Lipstick All Summer?

I'm coming over from xoJane to get beauty advice from y'all.
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June 4, 2013
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Hi xoVain! In case you don't know me already, I'm xoJane's editorial intern, and I write sometimes over there. But I'm coming over here to get advice from y'all on two things: hairy legs in the office and black lipstick in the summer.

Most of my life, I've led a pretty hairless existence. I've been shaving my legs since fifth grade, and though I've had no-shave months in the depth of certain winters, for the most part, I've shaved everything pretty regularly.

Recently, I've stopped. Completely. It's been about four months now. Not gonna lie, shit's getting a little wild.

I was inspired by my best friend and their equally wonderful lady companion. Now, whenever we all get together, we compare our downstairs mix-ups. My armpit hair is a bit disappointing, though I hope as time goes on it perks up a bit.

I'm calling it my "no-shave summer" and I'm making it a trend. Take note, I'm calling it: Brazilians are officially out. Trash your razors (they're expensive--go buy some fancy BB cream or whatever instead).

It's been interesting to see what my body can do (grow hair). I have no one I'm trying to impress, and like many other ladies, I'm lazy and kind of dread shaving, unless I'm nervous/super-crazy-excited to get some.

Also, as I get older, my own completely shaved crotch has started to kind of freak me out because it looks like a baby's. The other night, I was sleeping and my roommate woke me up to have a look at her friend who has a completely hairless-forever vagina, thanks to laser hair removal. She was happy about it, so good for her; but personally, I cherish the ability to grow hair. (But I mean, I'm not complaining--my roomie felt compelled to wake me up to check out, in the words of my beloved Claire, a "tropical snatch.") But, when I'm 60, I definitely don't think I'll want my my little lady to look six.

Anyways, I figure I might as well keep going with this no-shave thing and see how long I can get it. Who knows--maybe I'll meet a babe who inspires me to shave for some reason, but until then I'm letting it GROW.

New York has begun it's annual change, turning into a humid hot hellhole and it's only going to get worse. This is my first summer in Brooklyn with an A/C, but for the next three months or so, whenever I go outside, I will forget what it feels like to be dry. Therefore, little to no clothing is ideal.

Which leads to me to my question (FINALLY): I know it is my right to not shave my legs, I can do whatever I want with my body, and as Marci pointed out, it's not like there's some rule that women have to shave for work... but do you gals think it could be professionally harmful if I wear shorts to work with unshaved legs? (My leg hair is, admittedly, quite fine. I assure you that it is much more noticeable in person than in pictures.)

I don't give a hoot what people think about it my day to day personal life, but in office world, the lines blur for me a bit (especially since I'm a noob at office life so I don't know what's OK or not). Will I be running the risk of being perceived as unprofessional or (even more) sloppy? I know that it shouldn't be a faux pas, but realistically, do you think it's a bad idea?

Over on xoJane, Helena says she didn't shave her legs for a day and nobody gave a crap. Should I suck it up and wear long pants during the hottest months of the year, bust out the razor in the name of professionalism, or let my hairy flag fly even when interviewing for jobs?

I'm leaving xoJane/Vain in a few weeks (I don't want to talk about it--it's too sad), so I will soon be venturing into the real world of seeking out a paying job and want to know what the leg-shaving etiquette is for job interviews. I'm almost 100% going to do nothing about my hair situation, cause whatever. Still, I would like to hear what you all think about it, and if there is a general opinion on the matter.

My second question is: Now that it's summer I can still keep wearing black lipstick, right? Like many other goth-inclined weirdos, deep purple/blackish lipstick is pretty much my go-to on any given day I decide to step it up. I used to use 99 cent beauty supply lipstick, specifically NK lipstick (it's so cheap, and there are so many colors--even green!) but I'm growing up and my new favorite is NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu. (If you buy it, don't forget to buy an oversized pencil sharpener).

Olivia says that wearing black in the summer is totally cool, but what about on your FACE? Do you guys have any personal dark-yet-summery go-tos?

By the way, Marci's take on both matters is, "You do you, boo. Or whatever the young people are saying these days."

Tell me all your opinions and suggestions!