Sneaky Tricks To Take The Most Attractive Instagram Selfies Ever

The angles, setting and apps you need to know to make the most of your extended-arm self-portraits.
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September 13, 2013
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You already know how to take a selfie. I’m not going to insult you by teaching you how to. Instead, now that "selfie" is a real word listed in the Oxford Dictionary and my mother is taking her own selfies, it’s time we aced them like we’re going be given gold stars for the hottest ones.


The number-one angle that looks good on everybody is the top-tilt. It’s when you hold your camera or your phone up, and tilt it down at yourself at an angle. It slims everything, and makes your eyes look bigger.

Practice has helped me learn my angles, which side is my better side (the left), and that I can take full frontal face shots on non-fat-face days. There is no such thing as too many selfies.


You know: location, location, location. It gets a bit boring when all your selfies are taken in the same place.

Before Instagram, I had an acquaintance on Facebook who would upload photo after photo of himself hamming it up in a cubicle of a public bathroom. Full-on smizing, hand-cradling-face kinds of photos--and albums full of them. It makes me wonder how much time he spends in public bathrooms.

Outdoor locations make for interesting photos, but I also enjoy taking photos on my bed. Y'all already know how good I look in it.

Look for light. If you want your face to look brighter, go towards a light source, whether it’s an open window, or even the light in your room. Try blinds or a linen curtain for less harsh effect when you’re by the window.

One of my favorite places to take a selfie is at the back of a taxi. Besides the fact that it’s a great way to kill time, you have light hitting you at particularly flattering angles. I love when I’m driving against the sunset, so I am backlit, which gives a softer, more ethereal feel.


I use an iPhone, so you have to excuse my phone bias, but these are the apps I recommend to enhance your selfies.

Filter Apps

I don’t use the filters in Instagram. I like my photos to be light and not overly-processed, so these are some fancy filter apps you need in your life:


I love this app for giving a minimally processed look for iPhone photos, as opposed to the overly saturated ones. There are ten filters, and you can adjust how intense you want the filters to be. Plus, there’s a cropping feature so nobody has to know that this angelic photo you took of yourself is one in the bathroom.


This app is great for its skin tone-flattering filters! Plus, you can add cute doodles, text and borders.


Picfx has a ton of filters: over 100 to be specific. It has everything from textures, to different variation of black and white filters, to cross-processed ones. You can also adjust the intensity of each filter and add multiple layers of filter on a photo.

I’ve added a "Vintage Valentine: filter with a Bokeh filter on this photo, for example.

Face Editing Apps: Photo Makeover & Face Cam

Usually developed by people from Asia, these face-editing apps let you edit your photos to give you a flawless face, with bigger Anime-esque eyes. A lot of them are in Chinese, Korean or Japanese, but Photo Makeover and Face Cam, two very similar apps, are the easiest to understand of them all.

It starts with a face-recognizing tool you can adjust before you decide what it is about your face you want to adjust. I don’t really use this app, but it gets kind of amusing when you exaggerate your eyes, doesn’t it?

Bonus: Want to upload a hot photo but don’t want to crop it into a square?


Easiest way to plonk your hot #OOTD photos without having to crop it!

Share with me your selfie secrets and tag me on your super-hot selfies: @fazabdulgaffa.