Hotel Beauty Amenities: They're Not All Chalky Mini-Soaps

It's always nice when a hotel bathroom feels like home.
Publish date:
December 13, 2013
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When I travel, I don't stay in hotels very often. I tend to stay with friends or family because I'm living the post-grad life and I'll cut expenses any way I possibly can.

However, every once in awhile I get the chance to crash at a hotel, and I always take full advantage. Give me a gigantic, comfy bed with approximately 47 pillows and I'm happy. I don't care that strangers slept in it the night before! And tiny bath and body products? Of course I hoard them. You're supposed to, right?

The thing is, those tiny products aren't always the greatest. Sometimes they can consist of bizarre no-name chalky soaps with so much fragrance added that you break out in a rash on contact, or watery shampoo that leaves your hair stringy. Not cool.

I have encountered some great mini-products in my nights spent in hotels, though. This whole discussion was sparked in my brain when Marriott sent me their new amenities to try out.

The hotel chain has introduced very chic, delicious-smelling products from spa brand Thann into their rooms. When staying, you'll have the option to use a selection of items like their musky, unisex-scented Aromatic Wood Aromatherapy Shower Gel. It's nice to know if you plan on crashing with Marriott, you don't have to bother packing these necessities because they've got your back.

In terms of other in-room products I've enjoyed, I can't not mention the Ace Hotel's Rudy's Barbershop x Davines collection, made up of a super-effective and natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It made my experience of bathing in my room's fancy old clawfoot tub that much more enjoyable.

And of course there was the Chelsea, now closed to guests (sad face). I stayed there back in 2011 and was thoroughly impressed with their extremely gentle line of "Hotel Chelsea Apothecary" products.

I was covered in stress hives at the time, but that cucumber and aloe vera lotion in my room helped calm my cranky, cranky skin. Miss you, ChelHo.

Tell me about the best hotel you ever stayed in. I want to live vicariously through you fancy, fancy people.