The Best Beauty Spots In Minneapolis, According To Me

Since moving here, I've scouted out all the best salons, shops, local lines and homegrown talent.
Publish date:
February 18, 2014
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I moved to Minneapolis for college in 2006, and
despite its godawful cold weather and streets that get so teeny from snow piles
you can barely wedge a car in them, it wormed its way into my heart. It's a
pretty nice place full of pretty nice people, especially in the summer. It's
also the birthplace of Aveda, Prince, Betty Crocker, Mrs. Meyer’s, 3M and
Target. So there. (Disclaimer: There isn't anything about our sister city, St.
Paul, in this piece because I never go over there. I know, I know.)

Since moving here, I've scouted out all the
best salons, shops, local lines and homegrown talent. I’ve made wonderful
friends in the industry. Minneapolis is an accepting and encouraging community
for artists of all kinds, and that includes beauty, too!

SALON: Haus (4240 Nicollet Ave.)

All cool Minneapolis chicks get their hair done
at Haus. It's a fancy, arty salon with revolving
art exhibits gracing its too-cool walls. The stylists are immensely talented; I've
sent more than one friend to see Caitlin, my magical haircut witch.
(No kidding: Friends of mine who've moved to Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles
always make sure to get their hair cut at Haus when they're back to visit.)
Haus often partners with local designers to create cutting-edge looks to
accompany their designs.


I visited the Elixery's factory space a few months ago and got to make my own lipstick. It
was a dream come true! Chemist Karoline spends many painstaking hours in her
lab creating lipsticks from sheer brick red to bright sky blue and is planning
to expand into other cosmetic realms in the future.

BLOWOUT: Blowdry! Blowdry Bar (1203 Lagoon Ave.)

To say I am addicted to Blowdry! Blowdry blowouts is a massive understatement. If I
could afford it, I would get one every week, just like ladies in the olden days
used to do. Luckily, I can stretch one for almost two weeks with the right
products and planning.

A trip to Blowdry! is like a mini-vacation; you get a
scalp massage, a hot cup of coffee and the best hair of your life courtesy
their stylists and divine No. 4 product line. I've had them shape my unruly
blonde hair into Old Hollywood curls and beachy waves to great effect. For $35,
it's a small price to pay for the confidence gained by a really, really good
hair day.

BROWS: Blink (700 Washington Ave. N. #215)

I had my brows threaded at tucked-away Blink and was forever
changed. It was like being touched by god. My brows looked perfect, but not so manicured as to make them seem fake.

Blink isn’t cheap, but its staff will whip
your brows into shape without ruining their natural beauty. I recommend it to
anyone who needs help figuring out their perfect brow shape, which is not as
easy as it seems!

BRAZILIAN: The Refinery (321 14th Ave. SE)

I’ve been getting waxed on the regular here since 2008. It’s right in the Dinkytown
neighborhood in the middle of the University of Minnesota campus, so I’d often
schedule waxes between classes.

Brazilians at the Refinery never take much
longer than 15 minutes; I’m in and out in about five nowadays, and for $35
that’s some serious bang for your buck. Remember to exfoliate beforehand!

SPA: Spot Spa (Northeast: 21 4th St. SE; Uptown: 1600 W. Lake St.)

Spot Spa has two lovely,
airy Minneapolis locations. They offer facials by some of my favorite skincare
brands, like Dr. Hauschka and Arcona, as well as massages and acupuncture.

MAKEUP ARTIST: Julie Swenson

I send all bride friends to my pal Julie Swenson. Though I've met
countless talented makeup artists while living in Minneapolis, Julie is one of
my favorites. She's hilarious, so friendly and incredibly talented.

Besides her
troupe of brides, Julie does commercial, editorial boudoir and red carpet work, too. She splits her time between St. Paul and Los Angeles. Did I mention she
somehow finds time to teach makeup classes and be a mom too? She’s amazing!


June Resale (3406 Lyndale Ave. S.): My friend Daune owns this designer resale shop and I have purchased many of
my most treasured items, like my Chanel saddle shoes, from her. She has
fabulous taste and every piece in her store is in flawless condition for an
equally good price.

Hunt & Gather (4944 Xerxes Ave. S.): Part antique store, part junk shop, all parts fun treasure hunting.

Mall of America (60 E. Broadway, Bloomington): Only about 15
miles outside Minneapolis proper. You gotta go. It's the biggest mall in
America. I worked there once--it was a special time. The Nordstrom beauty
department is top-notch, trust me.

The Bachelor Farmer (50 2nd Ave. N.): Obama ate here when he came to town! I love their Scandinavian-influenced
dishes like their insanely delicious pheasant meatballs. The duck liver pate
toast is one of my favorite things to eat in the city, hands down. Local boy
Josh Hartnett likes to eat here. I’ve never seen him, but all my friends have.
What gives?

Have you been to Minneapolis? Tell me your favorite spots!