4 Niche Beauty Brands To Shop At Anthropologie

The vintage-ish outfitter carries quality supplies for eyes, lips, skin, and hair, as well as fragrances.

I’ve finally given in and acknowledged my love for Anthropologie. Anthro offers a complete lifestyle, and convinces me that I’m capable of that lifestyle.

If I spend too long inside, I find myself thinking, Sure, I’d love to replace all the hardware in my house with tiny artistically weathered ceramic anchors or mirrored mosaic knobs in the shape of a swan.

Besides department stores, there aren’t many places that promise to beautifully (quirk-fully?) furnish your entire life, from your wardrobe to your pantry, quite like Anthro does. The beauty department is no exception. Anthro carries a few well-known beauty brands (RMS, Tocca, even the beloved Mason Pearson brushes) as well as some lesser-known brands that deserve all your love and attention.

Here are just a few of my favorites (which are also sold on the website).


This brand made me a believer in salt sprays. As a curly girl, beachy waves are typically out of the question since they involve straightening my hair just to loosely curl it. No thanks!

Olivine’s Love + Salt Mist changed my mind. A quick spritz gives texture and life to my day-old curls and waves, without the grease I’ve come to associate with salt sprays. Made with purified water, French sea salt, Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salt, Dendritic salt, and coconut oil, this luxurious spray isn’t just for hair. You can spray it on arms and legs for quick moisture and the most delicious scent of black coconut, florals, tonka bean, and Arabian sandalwood.

Olivine’s Love + Roses Mist is another gorgeous, multi-use spray. Made with natural rose extracts and a bevy of organic ingredients, this spray moistens and revives skin while leaving you smelling of a gorgeous rose garden. I spray it lightly on my hair to ensure compliments from my man all night long.

The folks at Olivine kindly sent testers of their fragrances as well. I couldn’t get enough of Oxley, a warm, musky floral that made me feel like I was in a girly head shop (in the best way possible). They also offer sample sizes of all their fragrances.

Mullein & Sparrow

I’ve always been able to appreciate a quality bath product for the calm, clean peace of mind it brings me, so I’ve been drooling over Mullein & Sparrow’s bath products for years.

The Pink Himalayan Bath Salts turn my tub into a calming, spa-like experience, thanks to the minerals as well as the exquisite scent--a soothing combination of vanilla and spices.

For my thrice-weekly exfoliation, Mullein and Sparrow’s Body Exfoliate is my new gold standard. Its key ingredient, organic coffee beans, gives my skin a reviving jolt while sugar, shea butter, and coconut oil keep everything soft and smooth.

After a calming bath and some deep exfoliating, a luxe body oil helps seal the deal. Mullein & Sparrow’s French Lavender Body Oil hydrates my skin without the slipperiness of some oils, and leaves me smelling like a magical lavender field.

FACE Stockholm

While FACE Stockholm is well established, this was my first time trying their products, and oh boy, I was not disappointed. FACE Stockholm Lipsticks have become my new best friends. Highly pigmented and richly moisturizing, these babies can hold up to a whole night of partying and pizza-ing.

FACE Stockholm Cream Eye Shadows are also rocking my world. They’ve got a bit more slip than most creams I’ve used, so I suggest using a primer, but the metallic finishes and unique shades make them worth the work. They glide on smoothly and never turn cakey or dry, unlike other cream formulas.

Keeping with the cream theme, FACE Stockholm Crème Blush provides the perfect natural flush for a pretty, healthy looking complexion.

Rouge Bunny Rouge

With a name like that, you know these products are lovable.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Incantation Eau de Parfum immediately transported me to a lush forest in mid-spring. The warmth of rich figs meets the sharpness of ripe, black berries, all amidst the greenery of fresh and crisp vetiver. This scent goes on light and girly, but not too sweet, and lasts for the better part of six to seven hours.

It’s not only the perfumes you should get excited about. Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Colour Burst Lipsticks have rekindled my love for a good nude lip. Nothing Unknown is a beige nude with mauve undertones that’s opalescent and shimmery, not frosted. Scrumptiously Devious is a cool-toned lavender pink that brings out the golden undertones in olive skin. Both colors go on smooth and soft, and they dry to a moisturizing, satin finish.

  • What are your favorite Anthro beauty buys?
  • Have you tried any of these?