7 Australian Beauty Finds That Will Make You Want to Move Down Under

Be prepared to be mistaken for an Aussie surfer babe.

Is anyone else ready for summer? I certainly am. In fact, I’m so tired of the chilly weather this year has provided that I’m just about ready to move to a remote beach town, learn to surf, and put all of my energy into saving the coral reef and making friends with dolphins.

In other words, I need to move to Australia.

Though California and Hawaii have it pretty good, the land of Vegemite and kangaroos produces a special kind of free-spirited beach babe, and even if we can’t all move there and become human mermaids I think we deserve to be able to channel the look.

Here are a few products that will take you from sad winter to hot Aussie surfer (or at least someone who looks like a surfer) with only one application.

By Rosie Jane Tilly Eau de Parfum Spray

Formulated by Rosie Jane, a native Australian who now resides in California, this scent is pure summer goodness. An all-natural, oil based scent, Tilly has notes of coconut, grapefruit, and pineapple, which basically means it’s a tropical fruit salad for your body.

CR Formulations Sans Soleil

Coconut water, watermelon oil, passion fruit, raspberry seed oil, kiwi fruit, natural sugar--it may sound like a tasty dessert, but this is actually the ingredient list for CR Formulations’ all-natural light self-tanner. This is the perfect product to help you get some natural colour without having to sit out in the sun.

Bali Body Tanning/Body Oil

With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Bali Body has developed quite the dedicated following. Raw, all-natural, and vegan friendly, this coconut-based oil blend is marketed for tanning, but can also be used as a nighttime nourishing skin mask, or a daily moisturizer.

Original & Mineral Surf Bomb

A messy, beach-inspired texture spray, this product has a strong hold and is described on the brand's site as “a shot of the sea when a dunk in the ocean isn’t possible.”

Grown Alchemist Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balm

For that perfect dewy lip shine, look no further than Grown Alchemist’s lip balm. Infused with watermelon extract, jojoba oil and essential fatty acids, it contains everything your lips require to fight dry, cracked saltwater chapping.

Tilley Australia Pineapple Crush Bar Soap

Triple-milled and totally plant-based, all I can really say about this pretty soap is that it smells exactly like piña coladas in the best possible way, and that’s reason enough to buy a bar or two (or five).

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask

Is your hair dry and damaged from the sun? Do you dream of long, wavy, mermaid hair? Hello Hair is vegan, 100% natural, and formulated with tropical ingredients like pomegranate seed oil and coconut oil.