This Foolproof App Has Become My Favorite Way to Edit My Selfies

Nothing misleading — just easy-to-use tools to make it look like you live in great lighting.
Publish date:
March 22, 2016
photography, apps, selfies, lighting

I'm more than a little obsessed with Instagram. It's the only social media platform that I genuinely enjoy using, and when I inevitably run out of my data a week (or two) before the end of the month, I'm like a lost little sheep without it.

I like Instagram and curating a theme so much that I have actively looked for YouTube videos of people showing how they edit their selfies. A whole lot of those videos use, like, three or more apps to edit just one photo because not one app can do everything they want.

That is madness.

And some of them are paid apps or paid for features/filters. I mean, I like having my colorful Instagram theme and all, but not enough to actually pay money to achieve it.

No joke, I used to take photos, edit them on my computer and re-upload them onto my phone to post on Instagram because I couldn't find an app that did what I wanted for free.

I recently was browsing an old favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess, and saw they had a new, free, photo-editing app released named A Color Story. This app was the answer to all my selfie editing needs.

So, first things first: crash course in taking your most flattering selfies. Take a bunch of photos at different angles for you to choose from so you can delete the ones you don't like.

The most important thing is to find your damn light. A well-lit photo is much easier to edit than a photo in dark lighting. I have a lot of large windows in my apartment that make this super-easy, but when in doubt try to find some natural daylight because most artificial lighting is very yellow and hard to edit away.

If you are taking photos outside on a bright day, find some shade.

I didn't go to a different spot for the two photos I took outside (you'll see the other one below) — I seriously just rotated until my whole face was in the shade. This lets your eyes relax and you won't have funky shadows on your face.

This first photo is a bit too dark.

First I used the filter On Lock at about 50%. I then upped the brightness and contrast. At this point, a little too much color was taken out, so I bumped up the saturation a smidge.

Adding a filter on top of a picture that is too dark will make it even harder to get it lighter later, so I adjusted the exposure and brightness first then applied the Ice Ice filter at 75%.

This last photo was pretty good on it's own, but I wanted to add a little oomph.

I used the Magic Hour filter at 50% to warm it up and increased the brightness and contrast a tick.

There's a boatload more features you can use on this app if you want to get into some really specific editing. And for my Photoshop nerds, it even has curves. YAS.

This app has the best working free features out of the many I've tried, and it is very simple to navigate. There are also more filter packs that you can purchase, but honestly, I haven't yet felt the need to.

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