3 Products I'm Loving While I'm Sick In Bed

So easy to use, even someone recovering from pneumonia (me) can do it!

There's no way to make this sound glamourous: I have pneumonia, and it sucks.

My case isn't as severe as it could be, and I'm grateful that I won't require a hospital stay any time soon. But it's still the worst. I'm coughing constantly. The medication makes me feel gross. I'm fatigued all the time.

Part of the treatment for pneumonia is getting a lot of rest. Like, A LOT of it. Yellow Wallpaper amounts of it.

And I need it, because one of the biggest issues this bone-tired exhaustion has caused is that I don’t have the energy to keep up with my beauty routine. I can get it together for short article shoots, but standing up in the shower? You're crazy. While my physical appearance is in no way more important than my health, I’m a beauty editor. This stuff is my job!

So here are three products that I’ve been loving while I’m sick in bed. They’re all guaranteed so easy, even someone recovering from pneumonia can do it!

Karuna Clarifying Face Masks

I love masks. I usually use one at the end of each week to make my skin feel soft and lovely, but you can’t really glop mud all over your face while you’re lying in bed... at least, not if you don’t want to end up with muddy pillows.

So these face masks from Karuna are PERFECT. You just pull out the sheet from the little packet, pop it on your face, make a couple Silence of the Lambs jokes, and then sit back and let it do its thing.

The clarifying masks have chamomile, aloe, honey and ginger in them, which sounds like a wonderful tea I would drink. They have a very light scent, and feel really cooling and soothing on my skin. My skin is left feeling soft, smooth and happy--exactly what I want from a mask. Unlike a lot of other masks I’ve tried, these don’t leave my face feeling dry or tight afterwards, and they definitely don’t leave marks on my pillows.

Probably don’t sleep with one on, though, all the same.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

This is not the first time I’ve written about these, nor will it be the last--that's how much I love them. When I’m healthy, these cheap and cheerful nail strips are my chosen way to get creative with nail art--and when I’m sick, they’re how I manage a manicure even though I can hardly sit up.

I prefer to have my nails done, even when I don’t feel well. ESPECIALLY then. If a brightly coloured floral-print manicure can’t make me smile, nothing can.

Though the wear on these strips varies a bit depending on the finish and formula (I find that the glitter and pattern EASILY last the full 10 days, whereas the metallic ones tend to chip), these nail strips are crazy-easy to apply. I had a full manicure in 10 minutes flat, didn't have to wait for anything to dry, and could go straight back to sleep without ruining all my hard work.

RMS Beauty lip2cheek

Another crappy thing about being sick is that I LOOK sick. The day I shot my makeup organisation article, I ran into a friend who told me, horrified, that she hoped I wouldn’t have to be in any of the pictures looking like THAT.

Lineface. She was right, but lineface.


Nobody looks good when they’re ill, me least of all. I look paler than normal, my eyes get red, my dark circles look even darker, all the colour drains out of my lips; I refuse to take photos of myself looking like death warmed over, so imagine a cranky vampire and you’ll have an accurate mental picture.

So I’ve been faking it. I’ve never been a huge fan of cream blushes or stains, but RMS Beauty’s lip2cheek pots might be enough to convert me. Modest is a pinkish berry shade that looks gorgeous on my cheeks AND my lips, giving some life and colour to my otherwise lifeless face.

These lip2cheek pots have a coconut oil base, which I know will make a lot of you very happy. This made it feel very creamy, but once I blended it in (using my fingers, which I found was easier than a brush), I didn’t feel it on my skin or lips at all.

It's incredibly pigmented, so you'll only need a teeny tiny bit. AND it was easy to wash off, which I appreciated. The last thing I want to do right now is sandblast my face to remove products.

It also looks really nice. I'm only wearing some concealer under my eyes in the picture above, and you can see that the blush isn't covering up my skin or giving it a chalky, overdone look--I just look like I have natural rosiness in my cheeks. A bit of extra colour makes everyone look healthier. Just ask Ruby Gillis.

And here’s a swatch, because we all love swatches!

Perfect for the days where you have to go to the pharmacy and don’t want to look dead, because there are only so many times you can have the "OH MY GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" conversation before you want to scream.

What does your beauty routine look like when you're not feeling well? What products do you use to look more alive when you feel horrible? Tell me everything, and send me healing vibes, please. I'm so sick of being sick!