I'm A Beauty Writer With 7 Really Bad Beauty Habits

From using razors forever to biting my nails out of existence, I'm definitely not perfect.
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September 27, 2013
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Even though I write for a beauty site, I have to admit that sometimes, when reading certain magazines, I start feeling very insecure. Things can get overwhelming and I start thinking "OMG am I supposed to be doing all of that? Should I own that many products for my hair?"

I know most beauty articles are designed to make you buy that stuff, and sometimes it totally works because I feel like I will turn into a troll if I don't, but before I enter my credit card number, I remind myself that beauty editors probably aren't perfect.

When I write my articles, I am writing about tips/tricks/techniques that I'm (hopefully) pretty good at, and I never write about the stuff I'm bad at because "look at my cracked feet" wouldn't be a very good article sandwiched in between one about a cool hair trick from Annie and an amazing makeup tutorial from Mari.

But today, I'm going to tell you all of the beauty areas where I'm a total failure.

I use disposable razors, like, way more than twice.

Whenever I buy razors at the store, I buy the huge pack of really cheap disposable ones for $5. And then I use them for a very long time.

A pack of 10 can last me a lot longer than it lasts you because I'm gross. In New York City, things are really expensive and the really nice razors with the lotion sandwiched in between the blades and the gold or pink handles are around $18 dollars. That's way too much for someone like me who spends about 15 seconds shaving each leg (another dumb thing I do).

So when I use these cheap-o razors, I use them for about five leg shavings (basically all winter) and then throw them out and open the new one. Unless I see rust! Then I will throw the old razor out immediately. Bad at beauty, good at not getting tetanus.

I rarely moisturize anything other than my face.

I've mentioned before that I never use lotion. And now that I have those lotion wipes, I sometimes use them, but not as much as I should.

I really don't know how you guys have the time. When that last article went up, one of my friends Facebook chatted me and told me she lotions three times and day and that her skin is SO soft. I want soft skin!

I use Dove body wash and it keeps my skin from being tree bark, but I'm too lazy to cleanse with moisturizing body oil and then rub my body in the most expensive creams and potions. My skin is lucky if I make it through an entire $3 bottle of lotion in a year. I also never use hand cream, whoops.

I touch my face all the time.

This is something everyone tells us not to do. They say it will cause breakouts and spread germs and other nastiness, but I can't help it.

Sometimes at work I'll rest my head in my hand after touching my keyboard, the work microwave, or anything else. I will also do this on the subway after holding on to a pole for six stops and then finally getting a seat because the man who was sitting with his stupid legs spread finally got off and now three more of us can sit down.

I know it's gross but I rarely break out, so it doesn't hurt me too bad? Unless it's all going to hit me at once in ten years and my face will just be a disease.

I bite my nails.

I've also written about this before. I have always been a nail biter. I will bite my nails to stubs all day. I don't have to be nervous--I can be happy or sad or anything. It's just something I've always been doing. I sometimes bite them until they bleed, and I will even bite my cuticles/skin around my nails. I really need to stop, but I can't resist the sweet taste of keratin.

I neglect my neck.

OK, I am really trying to get better at this one because I don't want my neck to look 20 years older than my face. When I put on moisturizer/serums/oils, I only use enough for my face.

I guess my rationale is that I want to make my costly face products last longer, but I will feel so stupid if my neck is sagging because I wanted to save a few bucks.

I never do pedicures.

I feel like a lot of women get "pedis" all the time. Like mani/pedis are almost as much of a bonding experience as boozy brunch. But not for me. I don't even do at-home pedicures on myself.

My feet aren't bad enough where I feel like I need one, but my toenails aren't as shapely and pretty as most. The most I will do is change out my polish when it starts to chip, but I won't shave my hardened heel skin because EW. That's so gross. The times that I have gotten pedicures, I have wanted to gag at that part because it's old dead skin.

Um, sometimes, on the weekends, I might forget to brush my teeth.

This is by far the grossest one, and I almost didn't want to put it on here, but NO BEAUTY SECRETS.

So sometimes I'll get home really late on Friday nights, and not be in the most functioning state, and I'll just fall into bed. Then in the morning I'll lay in bed while I Seamless a bagel and an iced coffee. I'll go about my day and just not remember that I totally forgot to brush my teeth (but I had an everything bagel! Do the seeds exfoliate my plaque?) Then I'll repeat the routine.

Usually (but not always) by Sunday morning, I'm brushing my teeth again because I realize how gross I've been.

Also, I feel the need to mention that this is pretty rare. It not like it happens EVERY weekend, just on occasion. During the week, I'm so good about my skin/teeth/hair because I have a routine, but on the weekend that all goes out the window.

Now that I'm totally not ashamed at all for admitting these nasty habits to the entire internet, what are your bad beauty habits? I know you have some! We all do. Share them and make me not feel like a total disgusto! (Also did you notice that I dyed my hair?)