Chamomile Tea: You Should Probably Just Fill A Pool With It And Dive In

Not only is it good for your insides, it also has numerous beauty benefits, too.
Publish date:
April 30, 2014
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I’m a huge tea drinker. I have memories
of drinking milky, super-sweet tea out of a sippy cup as a toddler, so I guess
this started really young.

My favourite tea is good ol’ Ceylon, which I call “normal tea,” but I am open to different varieties. I use tea to remedy things: milky Ceylon
when I’m feeling down
(gee, I wonder where that came from), green tea when I have a migraine, and
chamomile tea when I’m anxious or can’t sleep.

Chamomile tea,
while not particularly tasty, IMHO, is a really useful derivative of the
chamomile flower. You can drink it if you have stomach ache, dental issues,
insomnia and anxiety. It is my go-to drink for these purposes (and also because
I don’t like to have
caffeine too close to bedtime, just in case).

Not only is it good for your
insides, it also has numerous beauty benefits, too.

Lighten Your Hair

Chamomile is often used to lighten hair. All you need to do is steep a couple of tea bags in boiling water. Once the water has cooled, you can either put it in a spray bottle and spray and comb it through your hair or just dump it over your head like impatient little old me.

Use this when washing your hair as the final rinse. A lot of people claim that it can lighten your hair by two shades, but, in my experience, this will take many rinses. It does make your hair feel really soft, though, so it’s worth a try. (Your hair generally needs to be blonde already for this to work.)

Treat Your
Achy Sunburn

chamomile tea is really great on sunburns. It has anti-inflammatory and
emollient properties that soothe red, angry skin.

You can make a chamomile
compress with cooled tea bags, or even pop some of them into your bath with

Diminish Your Under-Eye Bags

You can put
cooled-down chamomile tea bags over your eyes for puffiness and dark circles,
also thanks to the tea’s anti-inflammatory goodness. Just make sure the teabags are completely
cooled down to prevent any injury.

Manage A Number Of Skin Problems

Chamomile tea has been shown to be more effective than
topical hydrocortisone in relieving the discomfort caused by like eczema, acne, psoriasis and diaper rash.
Apply cooled chamomile tea bags onto the affected area, or put a few of the bags
into your bath in order to soothe and relieve the skin.

Stop Signs of

Chamomile tea is
a rich source of antioxidants. Not only have antioxidants been shown to ease
inflammation and help prevent chronic diseases, they also speed up cell division and
cell replacement processes to slow the effects of aging, such as wrinkles
caused by loss of elasticity. Your skin will also be protected from free-radical damage.

Are you a tea person? Do you like chamomile tea?
I just prefer my tea to be less fruity. And also I probably prefer coffee.