My 3 Favorite Beauty Treatments Inspired By Movie Scenes

You can thank Arnold Schwarzenegger when your skin is clear and glowing tomorrow.

I love movies. Big surprise, right? The glamour! The fantasy!

Some movie scenes have even unexpectedly inspired parts of my beauty regimen over the years. They may be a strange smattering of films, but hey, I purport to be nothing less than a total weirdo.


Dying Young is a real tearjerker. Campbell Scott plays a young man dying of cancer, and he hires Julia Roberts to help care for him while he’s undergoing chemotherapy.

I cried about a thousand times during this movie. I also saw, for the first time, someone using mayonnaise as a deep-conditioning hair treatment. Julia had her gorgeous, full head of red '80s curls at the time, so I thought, yeah, let’s mayonnaise it up.

This is really good for dry hair, which I have, living in LA.

How to do it:

  • Put mayo into a bowl. It’s SO much easier to grab dollops of it this way rather than constantly going back and squeezing more out of the bottle with slippery mayo hands.
  • Prepare a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar amd 2 cups water, and pour it back into the vinegar bottle for easy application. (I also recommend doing this in a tub that you have to clean anyway, because it’s MESSY, both going on and coming off, THEN cleaning up the tub.)
  • Wet your hair, take mayo, and coat your hair, focusing on the ends.
  • Use a plastic hair clip to pin it up (they are easy to de-mayo afterwards and won’t pull your hair out), and put a shower cap on. Some people do this for only 10 minutes, some people leave it in overnight. I wear it for a few hours while doing chores around the house.
  • Wash it out, and rinse with the vinegar mix. The vinegar also produces MAD shine. However, if you don’t want to smell like a salad, I suggest adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to your vinegar rinse.


If you haven’t seen Predator, get thee to thy Netflix NOW! It’s not only a treasure trove of hilarious Schwarzenegger one-liners (“If it bleeds, we can KILL IT”), but it’s also action-packed, muscle-heavy, and the Predator is AWESOME.

I also highly recommend Alien vs. Predator, but as I have no beauty tips from the Mother Alien, except perhaps to floss regularly, let’s focus on Predator.

There is a scene where Arnold is on the run from the Predator. Things are looking bad for Arnie, until, quite by accident, he becomes COVERED in mud, which throws off the Predator’s tracking of him.

That’s really it, but let me tell you, 1987 Arnie dipped in mud was QUITE a sight. So, I started experimenting with mud masks.

I couldn’t decide between the Freeman Anti-Stress Mask with Dead Sea Minerals (which gives you a nice Avatar-blue face) and Booth’s (now c. Booth) Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask (which gives you a nice Predator gray), so I used both.

Both have detoxifying qualities, will dry to a nice hard shell, suck all the impurities out of your skin, and make you less puffy-looking.

Start with clean skin! Slather it on! Be generous! Let dry! Wash off with warm water! Pat dry! Moisturize! BLAM. Yummy skin.


Molly Ringwald’s tragic teenage character has to deal with a family who has completely forgotten about her 16th birthday because her sister is getting married, her grandparents have invaded, and Long Duk Dong has exchange-studented his way into her life. Oh, and her little brother is a PAIN in the ASS.

There’s a scene where the older sister is beautifying herself while preaching to Molly Ringwald about something or other in a totally condescending voice. I don’t remember WHAT she was saying, but I do remember she was absent-mindedly rubbing lemon on her elbows.

It turns out this is a GREAT way to lighten your elbows (and knees!) and exfoliate.

Here’s how:

  • Cut a lemon in half.
  • Swirl it on your elbows in a circular motion, and follow with your knees.
  • Allow the juice to dry for about five to ten minutes.
  • Rinse it off, exfoliate gently, and moisturize.

Don’t do this every day, as your skin could become irritated from the citric acid. But, once a week, and I’ll be gall-darned if your bendy parts aren’t brightened up.

Weird tips? YES. Effective? YES. Thanks, Hollywood!

Do you have any favorite beauty scenes from the movies? Share!