Two Disgusting Beauty Surprises That Caught My Eye This Morning

I was going about my monotonous routine until being thrown off track by these little guys.
Publish date:
September 5, 2013
foam rollers, nail polish, ladybugs, metallic polishes, the little things

After washing my face this morning I sat down at my vanity to tone, moisturize, and start with the concealing process. My skin has never been worse; I think the stress of my move has finally come to a head nine months later (like, literally bubbling up onto the surface of my face).

I'm sure I sound whiny and that I should be really happy, but it's hard sometimes! I miss Texas, I miss my friends, the thrift stores, the shows, the bars, the food, the slower pace of things, and my mom, who calls me "ladybug."

It was while reaching over to grab a clip to pull my hair out of my face that I saw a little yellow ladybug crawling around on one of my foam rollers.

Then I was like, "Seriously, how the f#@% are bugs getting into my room??" and I smashed it with a thick-soled YSL pump. UGH! So gross!

Also, Dude was all slabbed out on my bed like sleeping baby ginger cherub angel, a glinting fleck of green peaking out from inside of his belly button.

I had peeled off my manicure in a fit of 15-year-old-in-social-studies-class rage over the weekend, probably due to a huge bag of half-used products being thrown out by a certain roommate, and one of the flecks ended up in my boyfriend's tummy hole days later. Such is the life of a beauty editor...

What beautifully disgusting surprises caught your eye today?