Spring Cleaning Has Made Me Realize I Hang On To Beauty Products Way Too Long

It's hard to let go of even the oldest stuff, but at least I'm going to get a free MAC lipstick out of it!
Publish date:
May 8, 2013
perfumes, lipsticks, mac, makeup, organizing, cleaning

My makeup drawer is disgusting.

I’ve spilled powders, glitter and contact solution in there, and I’ve let my precious makeup stew in its own filth. I also realized when writing my last article for xoVain that half of my makeup is discontinued, which really shouldn’t surprise me because I occasionally wear lipstick that I’ve had since college (high school).

So I’m taking action with a little spring cleaning! I hit one of my favourite places, the dollar store--the store that makes me feel like a millionaire!--and I stocked up on adorable mini organizer bins and sanitizing cleansing cloths (orange scented!) because I don’t know what’s growing in there and I trust only the strongest, most toxic chemicals to take care of business.

I took a close look at my drawer of shame and dumped it all onto the floor of my living room so I could examine the pieces of my collection. I carefully wiped the cases of all my eyeshadows to reveal their true colours and was disappointed to find that some were completely empty.

I did the same to all the items and scrubbed the inside of the drawer, discovering that liquid foundation does not come off of anything. Seriously, do you guys have any secrets? It has perma-stained my really fancy Rubbermaid drawer.

I came across some questionable finds that made me feel slightly like a hoarder, like a sample of Jon Bon Jovi’s Unplugged perfume. I don’t know why I have this. It smells like White Diamonds mixed with turpentine. Not really my style. I also found a broken butterfly clip--a reminder of my youth and really questionable hair.

Speaking of youth, I still had my first MAC lipstick I ever bought! It was in such a quintessential early 2000s shade, called Jubilee, which, surprisingly, is still available. It’s a light brown--almost a nude. I remember being so proud, walking home from the mall with my fancily packaged tube of lipstick. And then my downfall into mass consumerism began.

I threw nostalgia aside and scooped the remains from that sucker so I could put it with empty MAC eye shadow containers I found so I can get a free lipstick. Did you know six empty MAC makeup containers will get you a free lipstick? Now that’s incentive to clean out your makeup drawer!

I organized the little containers inside the now-sparkling orange-scented drawer. The two long ones along the side and two smaller, stout ones in the center. This way, I can easily separate my lipsticks, eye shadows, compacts and concealers and foundations.

I then took a retro wine glass from my kitchen to store items like liners, brushes and mascaras. Should I Pinterest this? Because this is as close to Pinterest creativity I’ll ever get.

I ended up with a clean and manageable makeup drawer in about 20 minutes.

How often do you clean your makeup drawer/bin/bag? Any good tips? Oh, an any suggestions for which shade of a free MAC lipstick I should get?