Beauty Roundup: Joan Smalls' Electric Met Gala Lips, The Internal Bra, MAC x Simpsons, and More!

Because we love you, we're rounding up the best beauty links from around the Internet to keep you informed on all things beautiful.
Publish date:
May 7, 2014
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· We know you’re obsessing over Joan Smalls' Met
Gala violet lips just as much as we are. I mean, come ON. Find out
how she got that vibrant shade here.
P.S. it involves something that isn't even technically for your lips. [Fashionista]

· Homerrr! MAC is set to release a limited-edition
Marge Simpson-inspired collection
in September to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. (Who knew The Simpsons was older than moi?) [Editor's Note: OMG I AM ANCIENT.] Though info on what products will be produced is not yet available, I’m
preparing myself, and face, for tons of blue, yellow, and red. [WWD]

· If you’re
thinking about getting breast implants, or a breast reduction, you may want to
consider the internal
! That's not its proper name, but: silk straps are screwed to the rib cage
(ouch!) to ensure you won’t have saggy boobs for about 10 years. Yes, I’m
cringing as I’m typing this. [Elle]

· Alicia Keys lands her first beauty
as... what? The new face for Givenchy perfumes. Go on, girl! I’m excited
for this natural beauty and can’t wait to see the ads for the as-yet-unannounced fragrance, set to be released in September. [HuffPost]

· When you think of detoxing, does consuming organ meat,
eggs and raw garlic come to mind? Didn’t think so. Read up on how detoxing
really works and what it does to the body here. [Refinery29]

· If you want to change your hair color without
paying big bucks for a dye job, take it to your kitchen skin. But we are very
conscious about the dos and don’ts of DIY hair
. We wouldn’t want you dyeing and frying that hair away, now would we?

· Wondering whether you're classified as
"pretty"? Nothing a simple finger test can't solve! Try it out here... or not. [xoJane]