Beauty Roundup: Rita Ora's Undeniable Beauty, Drake's Eyebrows, DIY Perfume, And More!

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Publish date:
April 30, 2014
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• I couldn’t deny Rita Ora’s beauty if I tried.
From those thick brows to her red lips, right down to that sleek, blonde hair, homegirl is gorgeous. See how she stays fine by reading about her beauty
. []

• How is it possible that female circumcision is
still occurring in the United States? Hello, it’s 2014, for crying out loud, and
laws have been passed left and right. Read how the situation has somewhat improved and how you
can even help stop it here. [YouBeauty]

• My dream is to grow Drake eyebrows. Yes,
thick, hairy Drake eyebrows. So far, my regimen has included no waxing, no threading
and minimal tweezing. If you have similar goals but don’t want to wait, you
can look into eyebrow transplants. Read what it’s really like here. [Refinery29]

• I try to go green as much as I can, but when it
comes to my period, I have a limit. Are you willing to toss your menstrual-product routine for a greener one?
If so, wave goodbye to tampons and hello to... padded underwear? [Refinery29]

• In the lovely land of DIY, you’ll never have to
pay for a service or buy a product to do anything for yourself ever again! Not even
remove your hair. I’m stoked to see which of you will be the first to try
these DIY
hair removal ideas
. Either way, let me know
your results! [Teen Vogue]

• I know how much you gals love your scents. But maybe you can stop
searching for your signature scent, or for a new scent for the summer, AND smell like roses until the end of time by making your own all-natural rose perfume. [Beautylish]

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