4 Beauty Quirks I've Had Forever (And Can't Quite Explain)

Some are ingrained in me, others stem from unprovable beliefs. Can you relate?
Publish date:
March 11, 2014
nail polishes, body lotions, vaseline, habits

We all have weird things we do or believe. Whether they're superstitions,
traditions or just outright crazy thoughts, the behaviours we repeat are subconsciously rooted somewhere. Or, if you’re like my boyfriend, you just
believe ridiculous things that you misunderstood out of context.
Whatever the source, most people have habits that make them unique.

In my life,
there are about a billion of these little quirks (if I use the word “quirk,” it
sounds more adorable), some of which relate to beauty.

Painting My Nails in Midair

This doesn’t make much sense, but I often paint my nails midair, as opposed to the more traditional approach of painting them on a
flat surface like a normal human being.

To become atypical like me, you will
need only two tools:

• 1 nail polish

• 0 patience

My method: Pick up the nail polish of your choice, cross your legs. and just start painting. I think the reason I do this is laziness and
impatience, not to mention a fear of getting nail polish all over my furniture
and/or sheets (which has happened on more than one occasion). Better safe than

Parting My Hair on the Opposite Side of My Crown

I always used
to part my hair on the left. As I grew older, however, I started developing an
annoying cowlick sort of situation back there, especially when my hair is a bit
dirty, so I decided it might help to switch sides.

Nowadays, I vehemently
refuse to part my hair on the left because of the belief that it will make my
cowlick worse, or rather that parting it on the right will make it better. It
really hasn’t helped at all, but some dumb habits die hard.

Not Moisturizing My Legs

When I was in primary school, a friend of mine told me that
she never uses cream on her legs and that, because of this, they never get dry. It
made enough sense to me that, since then, I hate moisturizing my legs.

I will
obviously moisturize when absolutely necessary, but I still hold onto the
belief that this will make them more dry in the long run. I also hate the way most creams smell, so moisturizing my limbs is something I’d
rather skip where possible.

Similarly, I grew up believing that using lip balm
makes your lips dry, and have actually experienced this firsthand, so I never
buy lip balm. Instead, I use Vaseline when necessary to lock my natural moisture in.

Planning an Entire Evening Around Washing My Hair

When I was younger, there used to be entire evenings based
around washing my hair, clipping my nails etc., so it only follows that my
adult life would be the same.

Whenever my hair starts getting dirty, I will
(sometimes anxiously) think about which upcoming evening would be most
convenient to wash my hair. Am I going out on Thursday night? I’d rather wash
it after that to get the smoke smell out. Do we have visitors coming over? I
can’t wash it because I don’t want to do it too late and have to blowdry my hair
in the early hours of the morning.

It is quite a ridiculous quirk. I
wish I could just live life and never overthink things, but that’s a luxury I
simply don’t enjoy these days. Don’t even get me started on planning which days
to exfoliate.

OK, your turn: What are your strangest beauty quirks?