Beauty Pick-Me-Ups To Make Your Workday Less Grueling

Even if your workday is 13 hours.

According to Merriam-Webster, a workaholic is “a person who chooses to work a lot; a person who is always working, thinking about work, etc.”

As someone who fits that definition, I've made it a priority to cut unnecessary beauty tasks out of my weekday routine. Thirteen hour days will do that to a person. They also sometimes cause your toenails to fall off, but that’s another story.

My morning makeup routine has gone from 30 minutes to three minutes. And while I have cut down on makeup, I have also invested more money on the health side of beauty--for example, a good eye cream or mask.

So, as my favorite makeup palette gathers dust, these are the four beauty items that I always keep on my person or in my desk (and office fridge).

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

When there is no time for eye makeup, there is still time for brows. Everyone says that because it’s true. I use Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara before and after work to keep my large eyebrows in place. I’m on my third tube this year, but at $5 I don't mind it.

Bite Beauty BB For Lips

This lipstick moisturizes, primes, acts as a “foundation” for your lips, and works as a sunblock with SPF 15. I recommend choosing one that matches the color of your lips for a naturally enhanced look. The formula is sheer, but the color builds.

My favorite color is Dolce, and I tend to use it exactly like a lip balm, keeping it in my pocket and reapplying throughout the day. If I am meeting friends for happy hour or am going out after work, I layer it on until I reach a deep berry shade.

So basically, everyone is going to want to kiss your fluffy, berry lips when they see you wearing this. And I wouldn’t stop them--this stuff tastes amazing.

Rosewater Spray

It’s been seven hours of work with minimal bathroom breaks and too much caffeine for one human being. With an oily face and tired eyes, you make your way to the kitchen and open up the fridge to find your bottle of rosewater spray. Reaching for it, you spritz the water directly on your face and neck. Ah, yes…that sharp, refreshing feeling was the break you needed.

Yes, you can store rosewater in your office fridge. No one will care. It slowly becomes an addition. The redness and blotchiness will fade from your face and you'll feel more awake.

You can DIY rosewater spray by crushing organic rose petals and stuffing them in a spray bottle with purified water. Throw in a few pieces of lavender if you like. Done.

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Coffee aside, this hyaluronic eye cream is what puts a twinkle in my eyes. I leave a sample-size tub next to my keyboard and apply it twice a day. The small portion actually lasts a long time since only a small amount is required for the eye area.

When I do use more than is necessary, I tap the excess on my check bones to give my skin a subtle dewiness. It also adds some glamour to the mundane workday.

Once the week is over, makeup comes back to my life. I definitely still keep these around, though. They come in super handy after a night out.

Any other workaholics out there? What products are on your desk right now?