Everything I Need To Feel My Sexiest For A Pinup-Style Photoshoot

True sexiness comes from within, to get super corny on y’all, but a few select products help, too.

I have a bunch of photographer friends,
and sometimes they ask me to be a test model for fun, which is always an
adventure. I am definitely NOT a model, but I don’t mind spending an afternoon
playing dress-up. Contrary to popular belief and an Instagram feed is full of
selfies, I don’t really like having my picture taken. I’m kind of uncomfortable
around a camera, but if someone wants me as their model, then I’m usually down.

My friend Jason was visiting from New
Orleans and asked if he could do a pinup-esque shoot with me one afternoon, so
of course I said yes. I’ve graced (ha) the cover of a local magazine in
lingerie, so stripping down a little wasn’t anything new for me.

I don’t have a perfect body by any
means; I don’t exercise much beyond working long retail days on my feet, and I
eat more donuts and drink more beer than I ought to. But I’m still pretty
comfortable in my skin, and I know I’m not going to be young forever. I think
getting “sexy” photos taken is something every woman should do. It’s fun. You
can send them to dudes or give them as a pre-wedding gift or even just keep
them for yourself to show your grandkids one day and prove how hot Grandma was.

To prep, I got an airbrush tan from my
friends at Glow Mobile, because a little tan disguises all sorts of flaws, from
uneven skin tone to cellulite. Plus, I feel 10,000 times more confident with a

After my tan, my friend blew my hair
out and styled it into retro curls. (Word of advice: don’t get a blowout
right after a spray tan, because you WILL get droplets of water on yourself and
then freak out when you mess up your tan!)

Once those two major components of my
look were complete, I grabbed a handful of the products I always reach for when
I need to get sexy in a pinch. True sexiness comes from within, to get super
corny on y’all, but a few select products help too.

The first step to sexiness for me is
red nails. Some people think red nails are trashy, but I think they’re super-hot,
and so I get them using Floss Gloss’s cherry red Gangsta Boo on my nails
and black-cherry Picnic on my toes. Red
feels so Hollywood glamorous that it helped me get “in character” for the

NARS Super Orgasm gloss
is the only gloss I really, truly love. I’m a devoted lipstick chick, but I
truly adore Super Orgasm for its peachy-pink shade that glides on naturally,
not goopy, and the big light-reflecting golden sparkles. It pairs so well with
a sweep of bronzer. During the shoot, I ate a bunch of cotton candy and a
donut, and Super Orgasm stayed put throughout.

When I wasn’t wearing Super Orgasm, I
reached for an old favorite: Buxom Full-Bodied lipstick in Scoundrel, a
magenta-red lovechild that plumps my lips just enough to amp up the sexiness. I
love the slightly shiny satin finish, too; it reminds me of Marilyn’s red lips,
which were never too matte but instead enticingly glossy.

don’t usually wear eyeshadow, but for the shoot, I did a subtle brown smoky eye
with a few shades from my trusty (and dusty!) Naked palette, but instead of
going for a black gel liner as I usually do, I used MAC’s kohl liner in Teddy.

with blue eyes, Teddy is going to be your new best friend. Its smoky chocolate
brown shade with a slight golden undertone is perfect for enhancing blue eyes. I
like Teddy because it’s easy to smudge softly into your upper and lower lashes.
Plus, because I have oily eyelids, it slips and slides throughout the day in a
sexy, effortless manner. It accentuates my eyes without being too harsh or

cap it all off, I slicked my arms and legs with the sexiest body oil I’ve ever
used: Body Boudoir’s Body Dew pheromone
body oil.
I know that name is totally ridiculous and it comes from a sex toy retailer,
but hear me out! The oil smells like lush white flowers, which instantly makes
me feel way hotter, and it glides on like a true dream. It’s full of
good-for-you ingredients like vitamins E and A and sweet almond oil, so as it
sexes up your limbs, it softens them too.

hint I learned from the Victoria’s Secret Angels is to run a line of body oil
down your shins to reflect light and make your legs look longer. It totally
works. I prefer body oil to lotion in situations like these because the sheen
it imparts photographs better, and who doesn’t like the sensation of your legs
swishing together like silk? Super-soft skin is always hot.

any of you done any sort of sexy photoshoot? I wanna see pics or hear all about
it. What products make you feel instantly sexy?

by Jason Albus