OPEN THREAD: Beauty Storage Wars

Except the only war being fought here is between me, myself and I as I try to figure out what to keep my products in.
Publish date:
March 4, 2016
organization, storage, furniture

The boyf (short for boyfriend, probably pronounced bwahf) and I are currently full-throttle apartment-searching. Actually, I'm writing this in between emailing sensitive financial documents to a guy I just met yesterday because we put in an application for a place we really, really want, and now we just wait.

Except I can't just wait. I'm already thinking about what's coming with me to the new apartment (please, please, please, let it be the one we applied for), what's not, and what I'm going to need to buy (or build, if I'm feeling literally possessed by a the ghost of a carpenter). Among what's coming is definitely a lot of beauty products. Among what's not coming is also definitely a lot of beauty products (lucky for my friends and across-the-hallway neighbor). Among what I need: a place to put the lot of beauty products that do make the move.

I have done an utterly terrible job keeping my beauty products stored and organized over the last few years. I gave in and bought a couple of those clear, dorm-y, plastic mini dressers, but that wasn't nearly enough room for what I've accumulated. My apartment is filled with products that I've either brought home from the office to try and/or write about, or products that were sent directly to my apartment during my freelance hiatus.

Sure, there are some products in the plastic dressers (do they even deserve to be called dressers? — they're like, stack o' drawers), but when I ran out of room there, I started keeping products in cardboard boxes, those big, blue IKEA bags, industrial-strength shopping bags, etc. It's not pretty, it's not systematic, and it's not going to be the way I continue to store them in the new place.

Shortly after Alle moved to NYC, she — of equally large beauty product collection — showed me the piece of furniture she bought to keep her stuff not only organized, but really thoughtfully displayed. It was a tall, vintage-y, white cabinet with glass doors that allowed you to look into the shelves full of body, hair, face and scent goodies. I really loved that she wasn't hiding the products in bins or behind solid doors; the whole display-case thing made it feel very boutique-y. I like boutique-y way more than dorm-y.

(For the record, and in case you have a hard time identifying household things, that's not Alle's display case. That's Sable's breaker box. Sable does not keep any products in her breaker box.)

And so, since none of us have ever done anything because Alle made it seem great, one of the top-priority pieces of furniture I'm planning to purchase is a display-case-glass-door-cabinet-thingy. Won't you help me pick one out?

I realize that this particular kind of storage issue is kind of unique to a beauty editor, but if you were in my position, how would you organize oodles y oodles of products that might not get used for a while? How do you currently store your beauty products? And hey, what else is on your mind this fine weekend?