4 Beauty Apps I'd Actually Pay For If They Existed

Surely the technology exists to make these!
Publish date:
March 24, 2014
technology, apps

There's an app for everything. I track my menstrual cycle and calorie intake with my phone, not to mention all the news and social media apps I have.

Beauty apps, however, leave me wanting. Most of them are juvenile and/or in another language.

If it were up to me, these four beauty apps would show up in the app store ASAP.

Cosmetic Goggles

Ever try that Google Goggles app? The idea is that you aim your camera at an object and it will identify it. Imagine that same concept for cosmetics.

You'd aim your phone at a desirable lipstick shade on a friend/stranger/TV character, and you'd get the brand and name of the exact lipstick.

There could even be an in-app purchase option to bankroll it.

Perfume Genius

This would work similar to the Genius option on iTunes: you'd input perfumes you love and, using the notes and stuff (I'm not a big perfume person), and the app would suggest your next perfume purchase.

It would save me many a headache and "try this one!" from department store perfume pushers. I realized the need for this when trying to find an alternative to my beloved discontinued YSL Parisienne and only finding alternatives based on brand or status, not based on the actual smell.

Product Picker

You know when you go to an online store to try and find a skirt and you click through clothing/women/bottoms/skirts before you are able to browse through all the skirts that the site has to offer? Imagine a beauty app that lets you search for the perfect product for you by using a selection like face/makeup/foundation/oily skin/full coverage before listing all the appropriate products for you.

You could then have an option to list them by rating, which would all be done by users.

Face Detector

Have you ever tried to figure out your exact skin tone, face shape, eye shape, nose type, cheekbone curvature, whatever, in order to determine exactly how you should be doing your smoky eye or what hairstyles look best for you or which colours go best with your tone? It can feel impossible. Am I a heart shape? Am I round?

This whole headache could be eliminated using Face Detector: all you'd have to do is focus your selfie camera on you and it figures it all out for you.

Do you use any beauty apps? Do you have any ideas for new ones?