xoVideo: It's My 30th Birthday! Here Are 6 Gifts You Gave Me

I'm celebrating ME by celebrating YOU!
Publish date:
September 11, 2014
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What better way to celebrate my 30th birthday than with a THURSDAY VIDEO SURPRISE?! As always, if you can't see the video below, you can always watch it here.

To celebrate the advent of my arrival on Earth from Cheekbone Planet, I put together a very special collection of some of the best things that YOU GUYS--my wonderful xoVain community--have taught me about beauty, life, and Internet acronyms.

Points of Interest

1. Take the damn compliment. You know how I always say being a perfectionist is kind of a rough deal sometimes? Here's an example of why. 0:572. DON'T GET STUCK. Have we been down this road before? Who even cares! It's the summer of full brows, bronzer, and no eyeliner (except for this video, obvs). 1:283. New classics. The products and techniques you guys have introduced me to. PLUS, the weird Internet word that you explained to me. 1:514. Nobody is as hard on you as you are. On accepting my perceived "flaws." 2:225. The Internet can be a wonderful place. Why xoVain's community is better than any other site's. I WILL FIGHT YOU IF YOU DISAGREE. 3:026. The best thing that has ever happened on the Internet. I'm not even gonna tell you what it is; you'll just have to watch and see. 3:40

Please send all cake (or relevant Photoshops) to me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr. I will always eat cake, and I will DEFINITELY always love pictures of [REDACTED].

You guys are truly, honestly the best. I am a better writer, editor, photographer, and human because of you all. Here's to being 30, and the promise of another incredible year ahead! Let's talk about things we've learned from one another in the comments!