Quick Question: Which Of Your So-Called Physical 'Flaws' Do You Love To Play Up?

Who says freckles, gray hair and birth marks are something to cover? Well, a lot of people, but they're all wrong.
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September 18, 2013
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I don't have any gray hair yet, but I've always said that if it grew in silvery white, I wouldn't color. I mean, how beautiful is Emmy Lou Harris? Carmen Dell'Orefice--what an epic babe!

Or streak like Bonnie Raitt's or Stacy London's? While others would rush to cover up the first signs of such a "flaw," they embrace it--even emphasize it. I. Love. That.

I feel that way about my mole. My beauty mark. Yes, I've had others removed--there were three additional noticeable moles on my face when I was younger--but it's because I wanted to really play up the one I kept.

But more on moles later today.

That's not the only "flaw" of mine I'm kind of proud of (not that I can take credit or anything). I think my stubby little clubbed thumbs are pretty freakin' cute. And even though I thought my nose was too big for my face when I was younger, I quite like the angular bump in my profile now. Part of me wishes I hadn't corrected the gap I had in my teeth when I was kid.

So we start off the day with this Quick Question: Which of your so-called physical "flaws" do you love to play up? (We already know Annie's answer.)