Dissolve Your Hangover In A Zesty Salt Soak

In addition to Epsom salts and olive oil, this soak's mix of spicy juniper, black pepper and cedar gently wake up your senses.
Publish date:
March 28, 2014
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Back when I was just barely of legal drinking age,
folks older than me warned me that hangovers would only intensify as I aged. I
didn't believe them, because, at 21, I was able to drink heavily all night, get
only a few hours of sleep and then spring awake and go to work like nothing had

Those folks were right.

Now that I'm 26, I've
noticed that no, I really can't drink like I did in my early twenties. I don't
"party" like I did then either, but you know how sometimes you're
just drinking red wine and watching TV with your roommate and then a few hours
go by and you realize you've been drinking for hours and the room is tipping
sideways? That's where my worst hangovers come from.

Some hangovers are easily cured with greasy
sausage McMuffins or runny eggs and dry toast. Others are satisfied with a spicy
Bloody Mary or a healthy smoothie. But then you get the ones that make you barf all morning and lie in bed most of the day feeling like you've got the flu. Those can't be fixed by
carbs or Mountain Dew or breakfast burritos--you've just gotta suffer through

I'm one of those crazy bath people who believes
a bath can solve all your problems. Tired? Take a bath. Sick? Take a bath. Sore
and/or sad? Bath. Bored? Definitely bath. A tub can fix anything.

The folks at EO Products agree with me.
They've got a whole series of bath soaks to suit your every need, from Surfer
(a cooling mix of lemon, eucalyptus and orange) to Cycle (olive oil, juniper
and pine to help you relax). They sent me a bottle of Sinner, their
tried-and-true hangover remedy, and I got good and liquored up to test it for
you guys. That's love, isn't it?

Sinner Bath Soak is the best for those pesky, slothful "I want to
die" hangovers. In addition to Epsom salts and olive oil, its mix of spicy juniper, black pepper and cedar wake up
your senses gently. (Warning: Your tub might be a bit
slick afterwards, so make sure and clean it out so your roommate doesn’t slip
and crack her head open!)

So after a bunch of Grain Belt beer, some Jameson and a night of
karaoke, I was not feeling so hot. I poured a capful or so into a warm bath in
hopes of soaking away the mess.

The Sinner salts warm up your shaky, achy bones
and the scent perks you up without being too strong and antagonizing your
headache and churning guts.

I don’t highly recommend mixing Jameson and beer--what’s that old adage? Beer before liquor, never been sicker? That rings true.
However, I do recommend that when your hangover has you crying and clutching a
bottle of water to your heart, you hop in the tub and sprinkle some of this
magic in. It might save your poor, tired soul.