Claudia Kishi: Vice President of The Baby-Sitters Club

What would '90s Week be without everyone's favorite BSC member?

Like many, my childhood evenings were not complete without an Ann M. Martin The Baby-Sitters Club book by my bedside table and dreams of Kristy and the gang in my head.

Naturally, I gravitated towards Claudia, the ever-so-chic vice president of the BSC. While she was terrible at math and spelling, Claudia was gifted with creativity and fashion sense--and side ponytail skills.

With such wardrobe choices as lavender plaid overalls, fedoras, lacy blouses, and skeleton earrings, Claudia always held it down in the fashion department. And she was just as adventurous with her hair and makeup. Remember how Kristy described Claudia in the inaugural issue?

Kristy: What I did notice was that she was wearing makeup. There was blue stuff on her eyelids, gold stuff above her eyes, and magenta stuff on her cheeks. "Claudia," I gasped. "Your face! You look like," I couldn't stop myself in time, "you got made up for the circus... I mean... it's so colorful..."Claudia: Thanks a lot.Kristy: No, honestly Claud. You don't need makeup. You've got such a beautiful face.Claudia: Oh, you just think it's exotic.

So, who wants to look like Claudia? Let's get started!

Blue And Gold Stuff For The Eyes

Claudia is only 13, so I kept my eyes bright yet subdued. I wouldn't want to be disallowed from the Stoneybrook Middle School dance over heavy-handed blue eyeshadow, right?

For the whole look, minus the mascara, I used the Sephora Makeup Academy Palette, which I assume Claudia would own if she were real and living in 2014.

I started by sweeping a light blue shadow on my lid, up to the crease, and applied the same color on my lower lash line.

Using an angled brush, I traced a bronze shadow along my upper lash line and then went over it with a gold-ish liquid liner.

Claudia would be all for colored mascara, so I used Essence Color Flash Volume Mascara in 02, which was dirt cheap and pretty pigmented. I applied it generously on both my upper and lower lashes.

Magenta Stuff For The Cheeks

For the "magenta" cheeks, I decided not to be so liberal. I know Kristy was down with the circus references, but I had to venture into the real world halfway through shooting. The high side ponytail and Rainbow Loom bracelets were good enough for me.

After a liberal application of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink and some pink lip gloss I called it a day.

Were you as enamored with Claudia as I was? Who was your favorite BSC member?