This 'Arrow' Look Might Just Be Your Halloween Costume

A dramatic beauty look for the glamorous vigilante in you.
Publish date:
September 30, 2014
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We are living in the new golden age of superheroes.

The Avengers. X-Men. Batman vs. Superman. Spider-Man. Guardians of the Galaxy. Hell, even Aquaman and Ant-Man are getting their moments in the sun.

But not all the world-saving is happening on the big screen. Over the summer, I fell passionately in love with Arrow, a TV show on the CW that's based off of The Green Arrow comic books.

And I'm not saying that I like it JUST because the male leads look like this...

...but it doesn't hurt.

Honestly though, it's fast-paced, smart, and it really compelled me to connect with the Green Arrow comic universe. I am all about it, and I'm stoked that season three is coming back on the October 8th!

However, this is a beauty site, and we have important things to discuss. Namely that Oliver’s ultra-secret disguise is terrible.

If you’re running around the city putting arrows in people, you shouldn’t have a disguise that's totally reliant on convenient lighting. Oliver Queen is also super famous--as if the DC Universe equivalent of TMZ wouldn’t have figured out that the local handsome billionaire is also "The Hood." I could do that based on the chin alone.

And yet, his look lit a fire under me. How would I run my beauty game if I were a glamorous, vigilante superhero? To celebrate the show's return on the 8th, I decided to find out and put together a look inspired by Oliver Queen-slash-Arrow.


As will surprise no one, I have FEELINGS about how female characters are portrayed in comics and comic book-adjacent media, and this extends to their puzzling beauty choices. In Arrow, the vigilante/hero/assassin women (Sara, Helena, Nyssa, etc.) either wear wigs or leave their hair down, flowing loose like a majestic cape.

If you’re in a combat situation--and these women’s entire lives are combat situations--you CAN NOT be worrying about your hair. Wigs are uncomfortable and can be easily snatched in a fight. Long hair gets in your face and can be pulled by your opponent. These women are professional bad-asses. No way they'd be letting their hair roam wild and free.

My vigilante hair took this into account. I pulled it back into a low ponytail, then twisted it around the hair tie and pinned it into a bun. I dampened my bangs, combed them back off my face, and sprayed them down with TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray. This doubled as a disguise, as I’m far less likely to be recognized without my bangs.

See? Super-easy and not a disadvantage in a fight.


If I’m out fighting bad guys and standing moodily on top of buildings, I can’t have my foundation sweating off. That’s fabulous vigilante 101. Instead of my usual foundation, I mixed a little Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer with a blob of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. This combination yields a lightweight foundation that evens out my skin and WILL NOT BUDGE. Crucial for nocturnal crime fighting activities.

I covered all my identifying freckles with the aforementioned concealer, then sealed everything with Make Up For Ever Microfinish Powder applied with a fluffy brush.

Oliver’s "disguise" leaves his (very attractive) square jaw exposed for the world to see. The Alle version of this would be drawing extra attention to her cheekbones. I used MAC Sculpting Powder beneath my cheekbones and blended NARS Blush in Desire upwards for color and drama.

The finished look is awesome and not at all a proper disguise. So it's perfect.


This is where we go all out. I’m inspired by Oliver’s green domino mask here, wanting something that is both graphic and relatively simple.

I used two eye shadows: dark teal and shimmery olive. This was a nod to the “green” portion of “Green Arrow,” without being too literal. The teal is Chalkboard Dreams (from The Simpsons palette), and the olive is Green Smoke, both from MAC.

With a thin eyeshadow brush, I drew a dramatic, full cat-eye shape around each of my eyes with the teal for the shape.

With a slightly bigger brush, I filled the shapes in with Chalkboard Dreams and softened the edges to reference the pre-mask greasepaint.

To finish, I applied Green Smoke in the center of my mobile lid, blending out.

I altered the shape of my brows a little as I filled them in, lined my waterline with black liquid eyeliner, and applied two coats of waterproof mascara. Not even superheroes want their eye makeup to run.


Because we have MAJOR eyes and cheeks here, I wanted to keep the lips relatively simple. I also wanted to cover up the scars that make my lips distinctive--don’t want Starling City bloggers comparing my kisser to The Arrow’s, do I?

As with Kylie Jenner lips, I outlined and then completely colored my lips in with pink-brown lipliner so that they’re all one even shade. I then went overtop with a coat of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, a sheer dark cranberry brown shade, and my lips were done!

With my forest green hood (I'm not really an army green girl) and my bow, I’m ready to save my city--in style.

It’s very vigilante-superhero glam, which I am all about.

Wouldn't you feel safe knowing that I was patrolling your city looking THIS GOOD? I thought so!

So tell me: What would your vigilante/superhero beauty game be like? Wouldn't this make for a super-easy Halloween costume? Are you as into Arrow as I am? Let's talk about the magnificence of those shirtless work out scenes in the comments!