Inappropriate Beauty Muse: Amy Fisher

It's been almost 21 years since Amy Fisher shot her way into nobody's heart. Here's how to get her early-'90s look, because why not?

When I told Annie I needed her to take some pictures of me for my Amy Fisher tutorial, she said, “Who’s Amy Fisher?”

My mouth dropped open. I turned to our intern, Daisy.

“Daisy, tell Annie who Amy Fisher is.” (Part of being an XO intern means rattling off Wikipedia-style info on demand.)

“Who’s Amy Fisher?” Daisy said. SERIOUSLY?!

OK, I realize Annie and Daisy were respectively a toddler and a twinkle when Amy Fisher committed the horrifying crime that earned her the nickname Long Island Lolita, but COME ON. She’s no-no-notorious. (They probably don't get that reference either.)

Not one, not two, but three TV movies were made about her; one starring Alyssa Milano, one starring Drew Barrymore, and one starring Patrick Dempsey’s ex-stepdaughter, Noelle Parker. NOELLE PARKER, Y’ALL. In conclusion, how can you not know who Amy Fisher is?!

ANYWAY. When she so rudely shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head on the poor woman’s own doorstep in 1992, I was 13 and living about 70 miles away from the crime scene. I was struck by how Amy Fisher looked like pretty much every girl at my New Jersey hometown’s high school, so much so that I started distancing myself from the “greater New York City area” signature look.

By doing so, I missed out on sporting some of the key trends of the time, and lately, I’ve been wanting to try them. So even though she is in no way a role model, I decided it was time for an Amy Fisher tutorial--specifically, a 1992 Amy Fisher tutorial, because I’m not going to do a tutorial on how to get a lot of plastic surgery.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sally Hershberger’s Downtown salon, where I showed super-awesome-master-genius colorist Nikki Ferrara the main photo of Bryce Dallas Howard and said “Do this to me.” She nailed the dark auburn I’ve been dreaming about for months. And it just happens to be pretty close to Amy Fisher’s hair color back in ’92.

If you love this shade and have room in your budget, go see Nikki at Sally Hershberger posthaste. If you love this shade and have about $13 set aside for hair color, pick up John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 4R (Dark Red Brown).

As for the style, it can more or less be summed up as “long and frizzy.” I can accomplish this look by simply blow-drying my naturally wavy, thick hair while brushing it with a paddle brush and no particular technique, and definitely no product.

You probably know the fastest way to frizz up your own hair, but if you struggle to get puffy volume like this, incorporate a product like Finesse Self Adjusting Volumizing Mousse.


Amy Fisher probably used Wet n Wild makeup back then because duh. So I decided to use all Wet n Wild makeup to recreate her look.

I used Coverall Cream Foundation for not-quite-matte, medium coverage. For blush, I applied Color Icon Blusher in Heather Silk higher up and farther out on my cheeks than I normally do. (This stuff goes on super-heavy, by the way, so use a light hand. Or don't--she didn't.)

Her eye makeup is pretty subtle, but still distinctly ‘90s. I used Color Icon Eyeshadow in Brulee for a very neutral lid. For the liner, I applied Megalast Retractable Eyeliner in Dark Brown along the entire lower lash line (NOT the water line), and just a little bit near the outer corner on the upper lash line. This is exactly how I wore my eyeliner in middle school, and as I was putting it on for this article, I had a flashback to when my pre-algebra teacher came to class with a man-perm because, he said, he was starting to get a bunch of weekend DJ gigs.

Amy's lashes don’t appear long or curled, so I used just a little thickening mascara, Megaplump Waterproof Mascara. (I figure she would’ve worn waterproof mascara in case she suddenly felt remorse for what she did and started crying.)

I’m pretty sure she hadn’t started grooming her brows yet, so you just do you when it comes to those.

Her lips are, perhaps, the ninetiest of all. I started by lining just the outer edge of my lips with Color Icon Lipliner in Willow, and then I applied Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Strawberry Ice, which gives lips a warm pink sheen without hiding the liner. (The liner should be at least a little darker than the gloss, or else you might as well not do this at all.)

And there you have it: the quintessential 1992 Amy Fisher look. Let me know if you give it a try for some strange reason, and if so, tweet some photos at me!