How To Recapture The Perky, Ample Cleavage Of Your Youth

In my 20s, I took my boobs' shapeliness for granted. Here are the easy tricks I use to help them defy gravity as I get older.

The observant regular xoVain readers among you might have noticed that I have big boobs. (Thanks! They've noticed you, too.) They're one of my favorite features; my cleavage is almost as much of a trademark as my beauty mark.

However, like everyone else and needless to say, I'm not as young as I used to be. Although I'm aging pretty well--at 34, I can pretty consistently pass for being in my late 20s--some things are no longer the way they were. And by "things" I mean boobs.

I've always been busty--full C cup in eighth grade, D cup by college, DD now--but as I get older, the overall shape of that bust has subtly changed. Check out this rare photograph of me from 1905:

I was 21 there, and my boobs just kind of levitated at the time, despite their weight. I was wearing a pretty basic demi bra, with no crazy uplifting apparatuses. They just... float.

They don't float anymore. Not without help, at least.

So, yeah, that's me without a bra. It's not like they're hanging at my waist or anything, but they don't have that early-20s perkiness that I took for granted.

Consequently, I've come up with ways to not only keep my boobs looking as youthful as possible, but to recapture the bouyant cleavage I cherish ever so much.


There are two products I use every day to keep the skin of my neck, decolletage and boobs as firm and supple as possible.

The first is Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck Treatment SPF 15 by Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford. I've been seeing some pretty deep lines starting to form on my neck, and it's bumming me the heck out. This cream combines extracts of melon (how apropos!) and bearberry with an anti-aging peptide, a topical relaxant, and mineral sunscreen filters to help smooth and protect the area.

The other is Lush's Lovely Jubblies, which I refuse to say out loud because I have very specific words that I'm willing to call breasts and "jubblies" is not one of them. But even though I'm starting a heartfelt and extremely serious petition to change its name, I hope the formula never changes, because it's magical.

Meadowfoam and oils from almond, jojoba, evening primrose and avocado work with orange blossom honey and tiger lily petal (romantic!) to help boobs feel more taut. And they're left smelling like a jasmine dream.


Even if you have big boobs, achieving cleavage while simultaneously maintaining a full, rounded silhouette can be a challenge. That's because pushing all of your flesh up to create the effect of upper fullness can make it seem like the bottom half of your bra cups are empty.

That's why I am hereby giving you, fellow D and DD-cup wearers, permission you don't even need to buy one of those bras that promises to add two cup sizes. By wearing one of these, you don't have to decide between killer cleavage and a full-looking cup; you can have both. And, I promise, it won't look comical, especially if you're already voluptuous.

Several brands don't even make these two-cuppers in anything bigger than a C, but both Victoria's Secret and Aerie understand that even we large-breasted ladies sometimes want to look more pneumatic. Ain't no shame in that.

Tighten the straps as much as you can bear without hurting your shoulders to get even more uplift. (If they're cutting into your shoulders, for heaven's sake, loosen them. Cleavage is great, but not if it hurts.)


The bras alone will give you awesome cleavage, but if you want to basically make eyes fall out of heads because they're so full of boobery that they can't be contained, there are two additional steps you can take.

First is Boob Glue by Bosom Couture (so you know this is their specialty). It's a roll-on adhesive that not only takes the place of that weird double-stick tape, it works better than it.

While your bra is already on, you roll the liquid onto your lower breast skin, hoist your boob a little higher in your bra, press firmly, and it'll STAY THERE.

It does leave a little residue in your bra, but it comes out without a problem.

The other, less-sticky enhancer is one of the oldest tricks in the book: contouring. This is a no-brainer if you like a somewhat spherical, upper-curve look, a la corsets or round implants.

A lot of ladies will use bronzer, but I feel that's too obvious on skin as fair as mine. Instead, I use Maybelline Fit Me Blush in deep nude, which is a bit rosier than most bronzers, and not as dark.

When you're done, throw on a low-cut dress or a hilarious visual pun t-shirt and enjoy your age-defying cleavage. Everyone else will, so you might as well, too.

Have your boobs changed over the years? Am I the only one who loves over-the-top cleavage? Let's talk tittays.