You Asked... Even More Questions, So Here's Another LIGHTNING ROUND!

I'm answering eight of your most pressing beauty questions in five minutes.

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another video! This week, we're doing another lightning round (because you guys loved it so much the first time). As always, if you can't watch my incredible singing and expressive eyebrows below for whatever reason, you can watch it straight at the source here.

This week's questions...

"I'm 35. Am I too old to have pink hair? Is it too late?" (0:27)

"Is it true that if you straighten your hair when it's wet, it turns into spaghetti noodles?" (0:55)

"How do you file your nails into those perfect oval shapes?" (1:19)

"What should I look for in a toner (skin)?" (1:43)

"Should I cut my own hair? And if I do--any tips?" (2:18)

"Is there anything you AREN'T good at?" (An incomplete list, 2:58)

"Flyaways--what can I do? My frizzy halo looks like it has its own frizzy halo!" (3:08)


So, do you still have questions? Who DOESN'T! Ask me anything via Facebook, Twitter, down in the comments and yes, even Instagram.

We've covered a lot of ground today! Do you have any awesome flyaway-busting tips? Are you Team Toner and want to challenge me to a duel? Has your hair turned into spaghetti noodles recently? Let's talk it up in the comments!