You Asked: A Whole Bunch Of Questions That I'm Answering In A Video

All the questions that are fit to answer, and probably some that aren’t.
Publish date:
December 30, 2013
advice, nail polishes, skin, chapped lips, foundations, nails, boyfriends, Beyonce, videos

To wrap up the year (and to learn my way around my camera’s video function), this week’s edition of my beauty advice column is in VIDEO FORM!

That’s right, I’m saying goodbye to 2013 by answering a whole bunch of questions all at once. Most of them are about beauty, some are about me personally, but ALL of them are awesome.

Questions include…


(0:37) “Any tips for ladies with chapped lips?”

(1:15) “What’s your favourite nail polish base coat?”

(1:37) “Do you have a favourite powder foundation?”

(2:00) “How did you get your start writing about beauty?”

(2:41) “How can I do no-makeup makeup when my skin is bad? And where can I find long-sleeved shirts that work for people with long arms?”

(3:19) “What Beyonce beauty look do you like best from the new video?”

(3:37) “What do you look for in a boyfriend, imaginary or otherwise?”

This video was a lot of fun to make! If you guys want to see more in the new year, sing out, Louise, and let me know.

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