Get The Alexander Wang Runway Look Without Actually Bleaching Your Eyebrows

Futuristic industrial mannequin tomboy is so in for fall.

I am a tomboy. There’s a good chance I mention that in every
article. I have fun playing with makeup, but I prefer a clean, minimalist look to
most everything else.

When I saw the pictures from Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014
show, I was immediately intrigued. It wasn’t just a bit modern and masculine;
it was futuristic-industrial-mannequin-tomboy.

Despite it being a mostly bare look, it proved to be one of
the most divisive of New York Fashion Week. The makeup was applied in a way that accentuated the
natural light and shadows on the models’ faces, and bleached eyebrows took that
starkness to another level.

While challenging and not conventionally “pretty,” I set out
to recreate this look because, well, what’s the fun in easy and

The Hair

Redken Creative Consultant Guido Palau drew inspiration from one of
Alexander Wang’s illustrations, and his goal was to make the hair look “drawn
on.” He used Redken Control Addict 28, a high-hold hairspray, and Shine Flash
02, a glistening mist, to make a helmet-like shape--something “classic” but
“not too normal.”

I parted my hair deeply on the right. As I
usually part my hair on the left, I found that an opposite parting gave my hair
a bit of lift and volume.

I secured the bottom section of my hair into a
low ponytail. Then I saturated the front of my hair with hair spray and used a
comb and bobby pins to shape it across my forehead.

After drying my bangs, I secured any loose
hair into the ponytail. I sprayed my hair with Herbal Essences Naked Sheer
Shine, which adds a bit of shine without silicones and smells a little like
apple shampoo.

In the original look,
hair was unpinned once the hair was dry, but as my layers are a bit short and
piece-y, I decided to leave mine pinned.

The Makeup

Makeup artists used NARS Skin
Luminous Moisture Cream, Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and Light Reflecting
Setting Powder to give light to the models’ skin. The Matte Multiple stick was used on eyes and to contour cheekbones--Altai,
Vientiane, and Cappadoce are different shades of bronze. It appears that the
Matte Multiple is available starting in March, and I am so excited to try it, I
can’t stand it.

In the meantime, I applied a BB cream to my
entire face and highlighted my cheekbones with Benefit’s High Beam.

I used
Cover Girl Clean Glow Blush in Peaches just above the crease of my eye and
blended it under my cheekbones. I covered my lips with a bit of foundation and
applied a touch of Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Blazing Coral.

As much as we all want to rush out and bleach our eyebrows, we can easily
achieve a similar effect without the commitment.

Start with an eyeliner or
concealer pencil that matches your skin tone and fill in your brows with short
strokes. The hairs will be coated by the waxy formula and start to blur the
lines between brow and skin.

Then use a spooly brush to apply a yellowish
concealer. I used Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage in SC-3. As you brush on the
concealer, stop to wipe away any product that gets on your skin. The cleaner
you can keep the area around the brow, the more natural it will look. I mean,
if you consider a bleached brow natural.

For the show, the models’ ponytails were tucked into the
clothing, and they walked the runway with fairly straight faces. The lack of
eyebrows will make anyone look a little moody, though.

However, with hair un-tucked and a little less
sprayed-into-a-helmet, the look is a bit softer while maintaining that modern
tomboy appeal. Stare off into the distance like a cyborg or someone in a Devo

I can’t say that I’ll be wearing this in public soon, but
I’m very eager to discuss its pros and cons. Let’s hear it, ladies. Are missing
eyebrows the new thing? Can we all let out a squeal about this Matte Multiple?